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Another Old Timer Leaves the Scene

Bill’s hanging them up after nearly 9 years at the helm of A2Y.

It’s difficult to imagine a Wings blogosphere without A2Y, even without the reduced presence it’s had in recent seasons. I remember when Bill started up—he changed the game in the early ‘sphere. His writing brought together a community of the most dedicated fans you’ll find anywhere. Through that community and its offshoots, many people have formed lasting friendships they otherwise never would have had (I mean, H2H never would have happened—can you imagine?). A2Y has been a big deal in the lives of so many. I’m sad to see Bill make official what’s been sort of telegraphed for a while—but changing the game to the degree he did means leaving a lasting impression. That won’t go away any time soon.

Thanks for a lot of great years, Bill—stay safe and stay in touch.

A maybe relevant side note regarding this blog’s status: I’m not done yet, though it may feel that way with multiple months between posts. Life has just not allowed room for posting like I used to or for following the team like I used to so far this season. I’m working my way back into the groove, though, and hope to get back to regular posting (and game tweeting) soon.

I’m Still Alive

Well, it’s been over a month since I posted and if you haven’t caught me on Twitter the few times I’ve chimed in there, you may be wondering if I’ve given up on this thing.

I haven’t, but the realities of a demanding past six weeks or so at work and life with a baby have made it difficult to fit blogging in.

I have been watching games, though not as regularly as I would like, and have kept tabs on the headlines, if not every detail like I used to be able to. So, I’m rusty.

I don’t know exactly what this is going to be for the rest of the season. But I am going to try to post more frequently than once a month. It just may not be in the same format as before, which I admit got a bit stale.

I started this thing 10 years ago today, which seems crazy. I’m not done yet, even if it might seem like it so far this season.

Side note for any of you that use RSS to read the blog: if you’re using Google Reader, you’ve probably heard that it’s being shut down in a couple months. I’d recommend starting the transition to another reader now. I’m giving Feedly a try, but I also got a NewsBlur subscription to get behind one with an actual business model (and thus some insurance against sudden app death).

Skipped Day

Sorry, I was slammed at work so I didn’t have time to crank out a post on the game last night. I’ll just say that the Wings will have to play better, longer, if they want to beat a team like Chicago. As it was, they got closer than they really had any business doing.

Free Agent Day

Well, today’s the big day. And I’m going to miss most of the action from a blogging standpoint. But it’s for a very good reason: my brother-in-law’s National Guard unit is being deployed to Afghanistan this week and today is a goodbye BBQ put on by his side of the family.

I’ll be keeping an eye on my phone when I can, however, and will try to get a post out tonight, depending on what the baby does after a day out.

Anyway, I love this:

Owner Mike Ilitch and team advisor Chris Chelios were scheduled to fly to Madison, Wis., to meet with Suter at his farm, and Holland is expected to be in Toronto to meet with Parise and his agents, according to a source.

Suter’s going to have to be pretty dead set on something else to resist Ilitch in person. And I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of Holland going to a free agent like that. They’re pushing hard.

On Twitter and Tracking

This is off-topic, but still worth following, for privacy’s sake.

First, read this post by John Gruber (it’s short). Gruber’s conclusion there disturbed me, as I have various Twitter tools here on the site that I think are useful. But he’s right.

So, read this post on how to stop Twitter from tracking you, if you don’t have “Do Not Track” enabled in Firefox, Safari, IE9 or Opera (here is one area where Chrome is lagging). Ghostery is particularly useful.

As I said, I think Twitter tools for websites can be useful, but if you’re not explicitly using them, you shouldn’t be tracked just because you visited a site. This is my way of helping in that regard.

9 Years

No, that’s not the length of new contracts for Nick Lidstrom and Brad Stuart, sadly.

I started this thing 9 years ago today. Hard to believe. Thanks for stopping by over the years—it’s been a blast! I’ve got no idea what the next 9 years holds for OtW, but I’m going to keep at it if can.

Go Wings!