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So This Is New

It’s been silent around here, but I’ve been watching. And I’ll be watching tonight.

I’ll be watching the Wings with their season on the line in a way nobody in this current group has ever experienced. The past couple games, they’ve shown sparks of life that have been largely missing this season, which is why they’re in this position in the first place. But those sparks of life could be the start of something, if they get a point today.

If they want it badly enough, against a team with nothing left to play for but pride and the chance to be the organization that ended the Wings’ playoff streak.

As far as regular season games go, it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

I hope the Wings bring the playoffs to the ice tonight.

Kronwall Should Have Been Suspended

The NHL passed down word today that Niklas Kronwall won’t be suspended or face any other form of supplemental discipline for that hit last night on Minnesota’s Charlie Coyle. With that decision, the League demonstrates its complete lack of seriousness about addressing the issue of head contact in the game today.

Incredibly, the League claims Kronwall hit Coyle with “full body contact,” something the video replay does not bear out. Kronwall’s initial point of contact is Coyle’s head, followed by additional contact with the side of his chest. And that shouldn’t be okay any more, given what we now know about the cumulative effects of head contact.

Now, compared to the Joffrey Lupul hit on Victor Hedman last night, this is relatively small potatoes. But the only way the NHL is meaningfully going to cut down on head contact and the risk of head injury is to take seriously even these kinds of hits.

Coyle apparently was not injured on the play, but that’s just the roll of the dice that particular time.

Better yet to not roll the dice at all, or at least do it much less frequently.

Wings Finally Finalize Deals With Abdelkader, Colaiacovo

Update (10:56 AM): Khan has the cap hit for Abdelkader at $1.8 million and has the payout breakdown, too. - Matt

Per team releases, the Wings have finally signed Justin Abdelkdader and Carlo Colaiacovo.

Justin gets four years and maybe $1.7 million a season, and Carlo gets two years and $5 million total.

I’m not totally sure I would have given Abdelkader four years, or that salary. But maybe he’ll up his game to match it.

As for Colaiacovo, it’s far from exciting, even if he turns out to be better than expected. We’ll see just how much he shores up the defense, I guess.

I am concerned what this means for Jakub Kindl. He’s gotten off to a disappointingly slow start to his NHL career, but you see some flashes of promise here and there. But this makes him the 7th defenseman, essentially, because you know Brendan Smith won’t be last on the depth chart no matter what. As I suggested the other day, Colaiacovo is Kindl’s new Commodore. Beat him out, Jakub.