Another Old Timer Leaves the Scene

Bill’s hanging them up after nearly 9 years at the helm of A2Y.

It’s difficult to imagine a Wings blogosphere without A2Y, even without the reduced presence it’s had in recent seasons. I remember when Bill started up—he changed the game in the early ‘sphere. His writing brought together a community of the most dedicated fans you’ll find anywhere. Through that community and its offshoots, many people have formed lasting friendships they otherwise never would have had (I mean, H2H never would have happened—can you imagine?). A2Y has been a big deal in the lives of so many. I’m sad to see Bill make official what’s been sort of telegraphed for a while—but changing the game to the degree he did means leaving a lasting impression. That won’t go away any time soon.

Thanks for a lot of great years, Bill—stay safe and stay in touch.

A maybe relevant side note regarding this blog’s status: I’m not done yet, though it may feel that way with multiple months between posts. Life has just not allowed room for posting like I used to or for following the team like I used to so far this season. I’m working my way back into the groove, though, and hope to get back to regular posting (and game tweeting) soon.

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