This team, with this run, is making me a believer in Mike Babcock again. After a season where I wasn’t sure what to think about this group, except kind of depressing thoughts, and where I was (unfairly) pretty sure Babcock’s time had maybe run out, I’m now stunned to find them up 3-1 on a Blackhawks team that looked like an unbeatable juggernaut before the series.

This group doesn’t quite have the buy-in to the system that the 2008 team had, but this is coaching. It’s Babcock. He has them playing with an edge that is driving the Hawks nuts and they’re keeping their cool that’s exemplified by Z’s complete non-reaction to Toews’ slashing start to that Penalty Trick. There are gaps, but as long as they continue to drive opponents crazy, this could turn into something really good.

If I were anybody on another NHL team, I wouldn’t want to face the Detroit Red Wings right now.

I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Babs.

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