Jekyll, Hyde

Last night was another of the Wings’ upswings this season, a game where they demonstrate that when they’re determined, they can be very hard to beat. It’s the kind of game that makes their downswings incomprehensible.

Contrast the absurdity of Game 3 with last night’s third period and overtime. It boggles the mind that we’re talking about the same team. Saturday night, the Wings were hapless suckers that looked like they didn’t belong in the playoffs. Last night, after a couple meh periods, they had the Ducks playing with a kind of ridiculous desperation as they poured on the puck possession, and had non-Wings fans on Twitter buzzing about how great the game was.

It’s kind of infuriating. Where’s that determination on a consistent basis? I love the upswings, but I want more of them.

Which team will we see tomorrow night? Jekyll or Hyde?

You know the pattern—here’s hoping they break it.