Dad Babcock

“It’s a good life lesson for our crew. We have lots of kids on our team. They’re not like veterans. It takes time for them to figure it all out. They’re figure it out and this will be a good thing.” (via)

I wonder if Mike Babcock is the kind of dad whose method for teaching his kids to swim involved tossing them into the water and presenting them with a literal sink-or-swim scenario.

Because that’s what he did last night, as the game was collapsing around the team’s ears. As @captnorris5 pointed out last night, Babcock’s refusal to call a timeout during that third period was problematic, even if it turned out okay in the end (thanks to College Boy Nyquist).

We’ll see if the lesson Babcock was teaching sticks.

Unfortunately, he’ll have one less kid to teach, now that Danny “#2″ DeKeyser is out for the duration with a broken thumb.

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