First Stab

This is the first chance I’ve had to post today and I’m doing it from my phone, so I’ll be brief.

The Wings picked just the right time to hear up to make the playoffs and, once in, the perfect time to cool. Aside from a decent first period, last night was pretty much textbook 2013 Red Wings: sloppy passing and low-percentage shots making the opposition goalie look even better than he already was.

There was enough to suggest that the Wings can hang with the Ducks if they chose to, but the question is whether or not they have the mental discipline to put it together across a full game.

“It” does not mean lean on Jimmy Howard and hope he enables a goal or two output to be enough. Forced plays aren’t going to get it done. They need to find a way to be patient with the puck and proactive without it.

I hope last night was a reality check for them and that they’ll bring a more appropriate game to the ice tomorrow night.

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