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I gotta say I wasn’t real sure this would happen. The Wings didn’t do a lot of showing that they were playoff-capable this season, pretty much except for the past few games. Even accounting for their injury troubles, this group had a disturbingly expedited decline to start the post-Lidstrom era.

But now they’re in. The problems in evidence all season haven’t miraculously disappeared (though they were papered over in the four-game win streak), but anything can happen now. Certainly they have a better chance to make something happen by starting against the Ducks rather than the Blackhawks.

So This Is New

It’s been silent around here, but I’ve been watching. And I’ll be watching tonight.

I’ll be watching the Wings with their season on the line in a way nobody in this current group has ever experienced. The past couple games, they’ve shown sparks of life that have been largely missing this season, which is why they’re in this position in the first place. But those sparks of life could be the start of something, if they get a point today.

If they want it badly enough, against a team with nothing left to play for but pride and the chance to be the organization that ended the Wings’ playoff streak.

As far as regular season games go, it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

I hope the Wings bring the playoffs to the ice tonight.