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Wings Still a Draw for Players That Are Both Michigan Natives and Fans, At Least

Graham has the details, such as they are.

I’m being a little sarcastic, but this is pretty neat. Not sure if he’ll actually make the lineup (though the defense is probably that weak), but it’s some positive roster/acquisition news for once.

Also, there’s this:

Ha. Sorry Nashville.

Kronwall Should Have Been Suspended

The NHL passed down word today that Niklas Kronwall won’t be suspended or face any other form of supplemental discipline for that hit last night on Minnesota’s Charlie Coyle. With that decision, the League demonstrates its complete lack of seriousness about addressing the issue of head contact in the game today.

Incredibly, the League claims Kronwall hit Coyle with “full body contact,” something the video replay does not bear out. Kronwall’s initial point of contact is Coyle’s head, followed by additional contact with the side of his chest. And that shouldn’t be okay any more, given what we now know about the cumulative effects of head contact.

Now, compared to the Joffrey Lupul hit on Victor Hedman last night, this is relatively small potatoes. But the only way the NHL is meaningfully going to cut down on head contact and the risk of head injury is to take seriously even these kinds of hits.

Coyle apparently was not injured on the play, but that’s just the roll of the dice that particular time.

Better yet to not roll the dice at all, or at least do it much less frequently.

I’m Still Alive

Well, it’s been over a month since I posted and if you haven’t caught me on Twitter the few times I’ve chimed in there, you may be wondering if I’ve given up on this thing.

I haven’t, but the realities of a demanding past six weeks or so at work and life with a baby have made it difficult to fit blogging in.

I have been watching games, though not as regularly as I would like, and have kept tabs on the headlines, if not every detail like I used to be able to. So, I’m rusty.

I don’t know exactly what this is going to be for the rest of the season. But I am going to try to post more frequently than once a month. It just may not be in the same format as before, which I admit got a bit stale.

I started this thing 10 years ago today, which seems crazy. I’m not done yet, even if it might seem like it so far this season.

Side note for any of you that use RSS to read the blog: if you’re using Google Reader, you’ve probably heard that it’s being shut down in a couple months. I’d recommend starting the transition to another reader now. I’m giving Feedly a try, but I also got a NewsBlur subscription to get behind one with an actual business model (and thus some insurance against sudden app death).