One Swede Steps Forward, Another Recedes

Reports by Captain Obvious masquerading as various Detroit media personalities indicate that Henrik Zetterberg will be the next captain and that Tomas Holmstrom will retire.

Z getting the C has been the assumption since Lidstrom retired months ago. Still, it’s nice to get this semi-official (but unsourced) confirmation, even if it’s a reminder of strangeness of two formerly embattled sides coming back together like nothing happened. Congrats, though, Hank. Lead on!

As for Holmstrom, it’ll be a sad day for the organization when the official announcement is made. I’ll always consider him to have been a major cog in the Big Red Machine and a key to its success over the years. He’s been the point of the spear for so long, even if he’d gotten a little duller recently, so his absence will be felt. Formal goodbyes to come when the day comes, Tomas.

Fortunately, Mike Babcock and Co. have had a lot of time to prepare for this.

By the way, anyone notice anything mission from the media reports on these two stories? Nothing about anonymous sources in the organization…just reported as fact. A little different.

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