Happy Lockout Day!

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the NHL and NHLPA failed to reach an agreement before the expiration of the CBA yesterday. Despite desperate last-minute efforts and high-powered negotiations that went right up to the deadline—what’s that you say? They didn’t have actual negotiations at all? On the last day of the CBA?

Of course. This is the perfect coda to this awesome summer: a lockout that doesn’t even have the excuse of a failing industry to justify it.

So while the owners hold out for the aid we all know billionaires need so desperately, we have a new date on the calendar to eye nervously: October 11th. If the owners’ hunger strike for more millions to add to their billions extends that far, we lose actual games, every one of which would put Gary’s record even further out of reach.

What will you do, instead of getting excited about camp and the pre-season? I’ll be keeping tabs on the talks while suppressing the anger I feel that we’re being put through this again after 2004-2005.

Rather than shock both sides into never getting to this point again, losing an entire season seems to have made it easier to run that risk again.

I recommend you insulate yourselves from this idiocy. Find something else to do. You’ll probably hear when the season starts and then you can decide if you like your life better with NHL hockey or without.

I’ll be here, fighting off the urge to choose the latter thanks to the asshats on the Board of Governors and in the NHL offices.