On Negotiating With Terrorists

In the wake of the Parise/Suter decision, some are looking to Rick Nash as a fallback plan. Some are looking too hard.

Now do this: … bring us Nash. And you do it with almost any asset available. If that includes the bangers above, do it. If that means Franzen or Fil, do it. Some would even say, in quiet moments, that might include Zetterberg.

Or Howard.


Those people, in their quiet moments? Idiots. I hope I don’t have to explain why.

Scott Howson is an idiot, too, for the same reasons. The worst GM in hockey has become the hockey equivalent of a hostage-holding terrorist. Nothing Howson would accept would be an acceptable package to send his way. Nash isn’t worth it. You don’t negotiate with terrorists, right?

Do you want to be like Scott Howson? Keep suggesting Nash is worth any package including Zetterberg or Howard. If you want to be like, you know, a decent general manager, pass on that “deal” and forget about it. As I trust Ken Holland will do.

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  1. Jason says:

    I agree 100%. Howson is insane. I can’t wait to see what he actually gets for Nash, but if his demands weren’t so outrageous, a deal would’ve been done a long time ago.

  2. John T. says:

    Howson may be uninformed (or dumb) enough to believe Franzen is a great player. Package the jackass with perhaps Fil, Abdelkader, and a draft pick. You may get him. Ab has been there 3yrs now and still on the 4th line. Fil had a good year last year but has basically been an underachiever. Franzen of course shows flashes… but for the most part.. is not the player many think he is. Too soft, loses to many battles and too many pucks in the offensive zone. And… ..is somewhat injury prone. I would be that Holland is sorry he signed him to that long term contract. You’ve got to give something to get something.. and seeing Nash on the PP and line with Datsyuk and/or Z is a deliciously scary visual.

  3. Matt Saler says:

    Fil and Franzen? Pretty steep. Also, Abdelkader is an unsigned RFA. Not very attractive.

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