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Goodbye, Nick

That was a difficult presser to watch, wasn’t it? This situation is, for me, significantly different from the retirement of The Captain. With Nick, you’ve got a guy who is still extremely effective versus a great leader whose on-ice ability was considerably diminished.

The greedy Wings fan typing this selfishly wants Lidstrom to play out the string rather than bow out while he’s still recognizably Nicklas Lidstrom.

But I am conflicted: we always knew this is what would happen. He weighed himself against his own standard and found himself wanting. And because it’s that standard that sets him apart, I’m going to do my best to suppress the greed and just be thankful that I was able to watch Nick play for so long.

It’s the end of an NHL epoch—the NHL today is a different beast because of Nick Lidstrom and his influence. As much of a hit as this is, the game going forward will bear the marks of this career.

It means a huge change for the Wings, who have ordered themselves around Nick for years, and who now have to find a way to adapt to a new reality. Whether or not they can bring in help from the outside, the challenge is huge and it’s likely going to mean a bumpy change in system and standards.

This truly is now the team of the younger generation—likely next captain Henrik Zetterberg and guys like Pavel Datsyuk, Valtteri Filppula and Niklas Kronwall will take on a heavy leadership mantle decorated by two of the organization’s best ever. What will their legacy be?

Thanks for everything, Nick. We’ll miss you.

Not Good

You know what:

I can’t imagine that this means he’s going to announce that he’s signing on for another year+. Especially when you read things like:

Yeah. Ugh.

I’m going to go look at our new baby girl to cheer myself up.

On Twitter and Tracking

This is off-topic, but still worth following, for privacy’s sake.

First, read this post by John Gruber (it’s short). Gruber’s conclusion there disturbed me, as I have various Twitter tools here on the site that I think are useful. But he’s right.

So, read this post on how to stop Twitter from tracking you, if you don’t have “Do Not Track” enabled in Firefox, Safari, IE9 or Opera (here is one area where Chrome is lagging). Ghostery is particularly useful.

As I said, I think Twitter tools for websites can be useful, but if you’re not explicitly using them, you shouldn’t be tracked just because you visited a site. This is my way of helping in that regard.

Report: Fedorov Retiring, Set to Manage CSKA Moscow

Reports out of Russia are that Sergei Fedorov is set to retire and is slated to take up the GM spot at his old team, CSKA Moscow.

As George puts it, this is the end of an era. He’s been out of the picture in Detroit for so long that it’s hard to believe he was still playing, but even a guy as physically gifted as Fedorov can only play so long. Age 42 appears to be it.

One of the best Red Wings and Russian players ever, Sergei was my first favorite player. This is just another reminder of how much I wish things had turned out differently between him and the team.