Get Over It

It’s too much, in my opinion. There’s still a part of me that bristles at giving a guy the Chris Simon treatment for a hit that, frankly, wouldn’t have been suspended and would have been part of VHS highlight tapes all but 10 years ago.

Via Greg Wyshynski’s post on the Raffi Torres suspension.

This is an attitude that has to die for the NHL to move forward. It is no longer acceptable to cling to nostalgia for the days when a hit like Torres’ would have been a positive highlight reel entry and gone unpunished. We know too much now about the effects of these hits. It’s time to grow up.

A line where there is physicality in the game, but not those kinds of hits, is attainable. We need to start demanding that the League set it.

Penalize, suspend and ban for head contact. Without regrets for a lost, dinosaur NHL.

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  1. Jimmi says:

    Matt, no need to listen to this moron AKA Puck Daddy as he likes to call himself. He reminds me of those sports bettors who claim 70% win rate but actually don't bet but make money by those sadsacks signing for his service.

    25 games, hopefully not just playoff games but it continues into next season. If Puck Daddy wants to compare something its like giving a killer who doesn't finish the job 2 yrs but eventually he will kill & get what???

    Torrres is a hack who has a reputation. Done deal

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