Todd Bertuzzi is My Hero

Final Update: Yeah, on second thought, I’m going with company censorship. It happened as originally reported, I’m sure. – Matt

Update (17. Apr, 11:58 AM): Sounds like it may have been that boring, after all.

@Will_Posthumus now reveals he got the story from Strader’s original report, not as something he saw himself. (Unless this is company censorship.)

Bah. If this latest version is true, it’s not quite the same. But still a fan, Todd. – Matt

Update (17. Apr, 11:56 AM): Followup from Custance. I hope that’s not how boring it really was. – Matt

Update (17. Apr, 11:32 AM): For the record, there’s this:

Whatever. Strader got the story from somewhere and Posthumus’ account reads like an eye-witness one. – Matt

Update (17. Apr, 9:12 AM): Dave Strader had this story originally here. It sounds a little less awesome the way he tells it, though. – Matt

For you non-Twitter folk:

Boom indeed.

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  1. Tom says:

    Wow. He would make a great camp counselor after retirement…."ping pong table folding" and whatnot.

  2. jeff says:

    Wow, impressive, he fights like a girl and takes toys away from the other team like a spoiled 6 year old. Shouldn’t he be in prison for attempted murder anyway? Best of luck to the wings the rest of the way.

    • toddb says:

      why you mad though?

      • jeff says:

        Haha mad? Not at all, I found the story funny actually. Just not in the way wings fan probably do. I’m a Preds fan but truth be told I have nothing but respect for the Wings. They’re a class organization, which is why them ever bringing in a piece of trash like Tuzzie confuses me. I have ZERO respect for that guy. I’ll quit the troll routine now, best of luck the rest of the way to the Wings.

  3. PredsFan says:

    This is a move based on fear. He's the toughest guy in the room to some of those kids. But all he could do was hold Weber's arms when they fought for fear of his life. And he was cussing at the game Sunday because Suter was dominating him completely defensively and Mike Fisher was roughing him up as well. Bert knows the writing is on the wall. And he's mad about it, so he took his table and went home.
    Go Preds!

  4. mastrick says:

    Hopefully Jordin Tootoo was playing ping pong at the time. See ya tonight Berty!

  5. Adam says:

    This is my first year paying attention to Todd but from what I've come to understand he's a radically different player with Detroit than anywhere previous. It's like putting an autistic trouble maker into the gifted program in middle school, no?

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