Game 2: Wings 3, Predators 2

Correct Response: As I suggested last night, the total of this game was the right response to the Weber situation. Todd Bertuzzi stepped up for his teammate in the old fashioned way and settled the matter from a physical perspective. The important thing to point out is nobody else at any point went out of their way to get Weber: he paid with that early fight.

Then the Wings took care of business after that. They got the win in spite of Weber and that’s the right response.

Jimmy: The best Wing on the ice last night. He was incredibly sharp in the first period when the Wings were giving up disturbingly good scoring chances and carried them through the rest of the game whenever the Predators threatened. Neither of the two goals looked particularly great, but both included Predators being given far too much space. I’d mark those down as more negatives for the defense than for Jimmy.

The PK: Continues its surprising dominance. I did not anticipate this.

Stuart: Overall had a good game. About time. It doesn’t make up for his weeks of sub-par play, but if he can keep it up, I’ll stop being so frustrated with him.

Emmerton: Sweet shot on his first playoff goal. It was good to see him provide value beyond simply being a center. The fourth line had a very good game, I thought, and Emmerton was a big part of that. Keep it up and I’ll be glad to be proven wrong to be skeptical of his place in the lineup.

Nyquist: No points, though he should have gotten an assist on the Emmerton goal. He was creating opportunities on each shift he got, though there weren’t many: he finished second last in TOI with 7:16.

Franzen: Maybe we need Mike Fisher to mug him early in every game, because it looked like he was much more motivated than usual in this game. He scored the game-winner by virtue of going to the front of the net and having Stuart use his leg as the redirect. Maybe he scores goals on his own in Game 3.

Defensive Zone: One of the negatives of the night was the Wings play in their own end. Too often, they were too casual with the puck and if they’d had a lesser goalie, they would have paid for it. It’s great that Jimmy’s such a boss, but I’d like to see them have some better puck security.

White: Made a nice play on his goal to change the angle. He looked pretty good.

The Power Play: Mostly flat, again.

Nashville Fans: I noticed Zetterberg was booed later in the game. Stay classy, Tennessee.

Reverse: This game had elements of reversal from Game 1. The Wings got their bounces and the Predators got their fruitless scoring chances. But I wouldn’t take claims of reversal too far. The Wings were much closer to their Game 1 control than the Predators were to the Wings’ level in Game 1.

Home Ice: Now the Wings have home ice. That’s pretty good news for them.