Mixed Bag

Update (11:05 PM): Awful news: Helm’s undergoing surgery, which has to mean he’s done for the year and maybe longer. Ugh. - Matt

Well, the good news is the Wings played a strong game. The bad news is they still lost thanks mainly to bad puck luck. The Predators got all of that tonight.

The other bad news is the loss of Darren Helm. Here’s hoping he’s okay in the long run, because he probably isn’t in the short term.

There was also this trash play by Shea Weber. And this incredible reaction to the officiating by Mike Babcock.

All in all, a reasonably encouraging game by the Wings. If they play like that, I have to believe they can come out on top in this series. Though I will say if the Predators continue to get all the bounces, the Wings playing like that won’t matter quite as much.

But I would anticipate the Wings being amped to play Game 2. Between Babcock’s frustration and the Weber incident, they should be on top of their game big time.

More tomorrow.

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