Dan Cleary at 50% > Mursak/Conner at 100%, Apparently

As I remarked on Twitter, “I love that he’s willing to play through the injury, but his effectiveness has approached 0 doing it.”

Over the past few weeks or whatever, think back to how many times you’ve been annoyed at something Cleary did or didn’t do on the ice and consider the fact that it’s almost certainly because of this knee thing. Now ask yourself the question: “is this the guy to keep in the lineup at 50%?” This isn’t Steve Yzerman playing on one leg we’re talking about.

I’ve got a Dan Cleary jersey at home, so I’m not Cleary detractor, but I’ll fully admit the on-ice results haven’t been there. I guess this is a case of weighing experience more heavily than anything else. Because otherwise, Mursak or Conner would be the obvious choice.