Stretch Run Watch: April 6

4/1 W 2-1 SO L 5-4 SO
4/3 W 2-1 SO
4/4 W 3-2 SO
4/5 L 2-1 L 2-1 SO W 2-0
4/7 vs. CHI @ DET vs. COL
Points 101 99 102
Place 5th 6th 4th

The Wings’ loss last night cost them 4th place, probably for good. The Predators took care of business against the Stars and now just need a point against Colorado to seal up home ice.

The Wings need to beat the Blackhawks on Saturday or lose in extra time to take fifth. So they have at least that much control over their fate, after lacklusterly rescinding most of it last night in a must-win game.

I’m not bitter. Except I am.

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  1. Keith says:

    Why do we want 5th? If we fall to 6th we'd face the Kings who look much easier than Nashville. In addition, if we fall to 6th we could very well play St. Louis in round 2 which is easier than Vancouver. Ideally, St. Louis finished in 1st and faces Phoenix, Vancouver takes on San Jose (good because they'll bash each other to death), we face LA, and Nashville hosts Chicago. If StL, Vancouver, and Nashville win and we take care of business we'd be the lowest seed and take on StL who is good but I don't think anyone would rather face Vancouver. If we won that series (big if) we'd take on either a worn out Vancouver (rounds against SJ and Nashville would be exhausting) or Nashville (who'd have faced Chicago and Vancouver). In either case, Detroit's road would be easier, right?

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