Wings 7, Blue Jackets 2

That Was Fun: A 7-goal outburst by the Wings is surefire fun, but this one was particularly so. You had sweet passing, Nyquist’s first goal, goalie demoralization and all around Big Red Machine dominance. It was awesome.

Nyquist: My favorite thing about the Nyquist goal is that he wasn’t fazed by Datsyuk’s set-up. This kid gets it. Which makes today’s practice news sad.

Here’s hoping there’s some rethinking of the lineup for tomorrow, with Babcock finding a way to keep Nyquist and Datsyuk together. I bet those two could get Johan Franzen going out of the gate. Sorry Todd.

Zetterberg: What an incredible game he had. All four of his assists were great and all four demonstrated his vision of the ice, which was stellar. It’s nights like that where you start to both understand the doubters and get angrier about them.

Holmstrom: Nearly got us fries with two goals coming on actual shots of the puck that he initiated. It’s strange, because I’ve seen some grumbling about his play lately (and done some myself) and then he whips this game out. Obviously, Zetterberg had a lot to do with it, but Homer still has value. If only on the power play.

Power Play: Speaking of that. Two power play goals. That has the Wings’ PP humming along at 25% over the last four games. It doesn’t make up for their other PP work over the year, but it’s nice to see them clicking more frequently now.

Conklin: Couldn’t hold on for the shutout. Of course, the first goal was a defensive breakdown. But the second was all him. Still digging for his game. Unless this is his game. Which is probably true.

Negativity: There’s not much in this game. But I have to point out that when they let off the offensive gas, it did not come with a corresponding tightening of the defensive holes. It’s fine that they didn’t gun all night, but I could stand to see a little more focus on the defensive side in the latter stages of the game.

They tightened up after the Jackets scored, but they’d already gotten through. With that kind of lead, it made no difference at all, so it’s nitpicking. But if they’re going to put on an offensive clinic, why not put on a defensive one too?

The Race: The two points put them one up on the Predators again. Nashville is in St. Louis tonight for a game you wish could end undecided. The Wings just need to take care of business again tomorrow and go into the game Friday ready to create some more separation. That much is in their hands.

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