Media Dissent on MacDonald’s Status Post-Howard Recovery

Ansar Khan expresses the argument for sending MacDonald back to Grand Rapids:

As I told Ansar in response to that last tweet, I guess I’ve been so focused on considering the Wings toast should Howard go down that I’ve not considered the fact that MacDonald would technically be a better injury replacement than Conklin.

I’m not convinced it’d make a difference in the end, but who knows? Maybe if Jimmy does go down and Mac steps in, some magic happens. I guess it’s possible, given how the Wings seem to play well in front of Mac, right? I definitely don’t feel like it’d be the slightest possibility with Conklin.

I’d still prefer to keep him around to get a few starts down the stretch. But it’s conceivable the Wings will see some advantage in him getting regular playing time in order to boost the odds of that magic happening, should they need it.

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  1. Randy says:

    Younger defenseman…and a natural shooter like Semin would be nice….Suter?….I think if they tell these kids,you can go gather as much money as possible on a losing team or you can still millionaire and win the Stanley Cup…which is supposed to be the ultimate goal…right? I don't know why Holland is talking about picking up veterans because his version of veteran is 40…it worked a few times in the past but we have enough veteran leadership…this is a great time for free agency so many to choose from I hope they do something that is somewhat exciting…you can't penny pinch too much when the cup is close enough to drink out of it.

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