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A Lesson

I’m not going to be able to fit in a full write-up on this one, though I will say last night was a lesson in why the Blackhawks are leading the Central. The Wings have some work to do.

George has more thoughts on the game at the link and here.

Also: we’re going to the Griffins game tonight, so I’ll miss the Wings playing the Blues.

All Rookie Line

Update (2:14 PM): Khan has a write-up on the line here.

Babcock’s pretty confident he’ll be able to match the kids up with the Hawks’ fourth line. I’m sure that’ll be the norm, but it’s those shifts where Quenneville’s able to get his preferred matchup that worry me. - Matt

As @chollis suggests, this is an interesting move for a road game against a team with the kind of potent offense the Blackhawks have.

Babcock’s obviously banking on the Griffins connection: Andersson and Nyquist have played together this season, and Emmerton and Andersson were teammates in GR last year. Nyquist was up for 8 games at the end of the season, too. Here’s hoping that adds up to some deep chemistry.

Khan has the full line listing used in the skate here.

Nyquist Recalled

Update (4:29 PM): And Khan reports Tomas Holmstrom’s been placed on STIR to make room for Nyquist. He joins Chris Conner and Patrick Eaves there. Nyquist is the Wings’ 13th 12th healthy forward. - Matt

Update (4:06 PM): Zuidema now has a full write-up with quotes from Nyquist here. - Matt

Update (4:01 PM): Mixed news via Khan: it’s Helm. But at least it’s not Z, I guess. And it’s not a major injury. - Matt

Update (3:33 PM): Ansar Khan confirms the recall move here, and suggests it could be that someone’s “a little banged up.” His guess? Zetterberg.

Great. - Matt

So says the Grand Rapids Press‘ Michael Zuidema.

Presumably that means Joakim Andersson is headed back to the Griffins.

Unless it means there’s a surprise injury. But there’s no obvious evidence that’s the case. Clark Rasmussen points out Babcock’s comments about the lineup today could indicate that is what happened, though.

My guess is it’s a simple matter of wanting to get another look at Gustav. They don’t have the same need for Andersson’s size against the Hawks that they had did against the Blues.

Nyquist will get just his second NHL game tomorrow night.