Smith May Stay

Update (3:17 PM): Brian Hedger (@BrianHedger) suggests the mystery defenseman may be Jakub Kindl. - Matt

Update (2:49 PM): Per a team press release, Brunnstrom’s been reassigned to GR, which means Smith is sticking around and that the mystery defenseman won’t be out long enough for STIR, if he’s out at all. - Matt

At least temporarily, reports Chuck Pleiness. He’s at least staying through the skate tomorrow and depending on just how “banged up” the mystery defenseman is, he could be in despite White’s return to the lineup.

I half wonder if the guy Babcock calls “banged up” is Mike Commodore and that the description is more a commentary on his play than his health. Realistically, though, it’s possible Kronwall could use a break given how heavily he went into the boards in St. Louis. That may buy Smith another game of time to show he should be in Detroit and then the storyline will be that the Wings face a decision. Knowing their usual routine, though, he’ll end up in Grand Rapids again regardless.

If the mystery defenseman isn’t banged up enough to go on STIR, Brunnstrom is your likely odd man out of the lineup, as Pleiness suggests.

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