Wings 4, Ducks 2

Split: So the Wings split their road trip 2-2 with a pair of their worst losses and a pair of what are probably two of their better wins (in various ways). So it’s kind of a wash, but the positive take is that they’re on the upswing and getting closer to an encouraging answer to The Question.

Zetterberg: If Saturday night was Pavel’s night, Hank seemed to be determined from the onset to make Sunday his. He scored 1:26 and played with a lot more fire than we’ve seen from him this season for the rest of the night. He ended up with that goal and an assist, which isn’t necessarily a fair reflection of the kind of game he had. He looked much better.

Franzen: Continued to be effective, with another goal on a nice feed from Datsyuk. As long as he’s not dragging down the rest of the team, the Wings are in reasonable shape as far as Mule is concerned.

Jimmy: Played out of his mind, again. If he keeps this up over the course of the season, it’s going to be hard for even his external critics to deny that he’s one of the best in the League.

Smith: Definitely improving on a game-to-game basis and even a shift-to-shift basis. If the Wings can play him regularly, he may be better off in Detroit because his attitude in Grand Rapids so far hasn’t set him on a path to improvement there. He wants to be in the NHL and he plays like it when he’s in Red and White. When he’s in GR, he’s apparently a lot less interested in putting forth the effort. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens once White’s healthy again and the Wings are forced to make a choice.

Downside: The Wings let the Ducks get back into this game. Realistically, a team as talented as the Ducks isn’t going to be that far out of many games, even with their troubles this season, so I can’t get all over the Wings for it. But they do need to make sure they keep up an even effort. Even accounting for the Ducks’ skill, they leaned too much on Jimmy for stretches of this one.

Stuart: Awesome bank shot to add a little more sheen to generally bland empty net goals. His other goal was nice too. Good to see him contributing offensively.

Power Problems: 1) The Wings’ PP was pretty sad in the production department. 2) But not as sad as the Honda Center’s power problems. The delay was frustrating and amateur hour. Then the Detroit feed cut out and Ken Daniels was forced to call the game from his cell phone for a bit. It was quick thinking form the FSD crew, but another chapter in an eventful night of power issues.

Next: So the Wings get a couple days before facing the Flames on Wednesday. Here’s hoping they don’t lose the game they found in LA and carried through to much of the night in Anaheim.

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  1. Justin says:

    The Honda Center had a power failure on Thursday while hosting the Kings too. How convenient for the Ducks that it happened again on Sunday while the Wings were dominating play.

    Helm is really making a case for the title of "best penalty killer on the team". Maybe even best in the league eventually, if he keeps getting better.

  2. Matt Saler says:

    Yeah, that was supposedly unrelated. Except it's related in that the Honda Center apparently sucks. What a joke. The Joe's had lights go out before, if I recall correctly, but it's 32 years old and I don't think it caused the game to be delayed.

    You're dead on about Helm. He's an animal on the penalty kill.

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