Wings 5, Ducks 0

Finally: Finally.

Back in the Saddle: It’s just one game and needs to become a habit to go further in wiping away the skid, but this was at least a great first step. The Wings put in a full effort that more or less covered 60 minutes, with a few conceded shifts here and there. This was probably the kind of game they needed to pull out of this dive best: one that reminds them what they’re capable of, of what it feels like to dominate a game and be in control. A tightly-contested win brought on by garbage goals or luck might bring them out of this slump, too, but I like to think this particular win will have them firmer in the saddle than that.

Jimmy: Wouldn’t it have been just the way things have gone for the Wings to bring their A-game last night only to have Jimmy falter? Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Jimmy looked very good, especially considering the stretches in which he wasn’t tested only to come up with a big save suddenly. Now if everybody’s on the same page, maybe they can start making some hay over the coming weeks.

The Ducks: One note about beating the Ducks: this wasn’t exactly beating a good team at their peak. The Ducks are clearly struggling and not exactly impressive competition at the moment. A win’s a win, but the Wings are going to need to be more careful about taking dumb penalties like bench minors going forward.

Nick: George has a great case built for Lidstrom playing some of his best regular season hockey, so I suggest reading that. Nick is truly something special. The FSD crew spent considerable time praising him last night, but also spent a chunk of time pairing him with Teemu Selanne as two admirable and still effective veterans. I’ll grudgingly grant Teemu what he has accomplished, but I personally think naming him on equal footing with Nick Lidstrom does Nick a disservice. While Nick was busy leading his team to victory, Selanne was taking an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a couple misconducts to get himself taken out of the game.

I would rather have Lidstrom in any situation any day of the week a million times over.

Franzen: Nice little outburst from him last night. I hope it continues. My patience with Mule’s in-game streakiness is waning. If he can’t even get himself up to regular streakiness (scores three or four games in a row before going quiet for a bit), I’m going to be annoyed.

Fourth Line: Brunnstrom, Miller, and Emmerton looked really good together. Brunnstrom wasn’t a complete dead weight and Emmerton’s showing that he can play at this level. We all know what Miller can do. I could stand to see those guys a few more times. With Bert’s illness sure to work it’s way out of his system by Tuesday, though, and Eaves presumably headed back soon, I guess that’s not so likely.

White: Obviously, this has nothing to do with this, but I thought White looked pretty good in this one.

Hank and Pavel: On the road to making up some of the ground they’ve lost from a statistical standpoint and doing pretty well apart.

Next: The Wings play host to the Avs, who play tonight against the Flames and who have lost a couple in a row. The Wings got their cathartic win last night and now need to find a way to translate that into regular action. A 5-0 skid-ending win is a first step. Tuesday night needs to be the next one.

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