Welcome Back, Smith. Now Enjoy Watching the Game.

Update (2:27 PM): Okay, looks like Khan has the full story: Smith will at least get one game of his suspension served with tonight’s matchup in Colorado, and then he’ll be back on Grand Rapids’ books. As the week goes on and Commodore’s status is determined, Smith may be a Red Wing again and could get another game. And so on until the 18th or Commodore’s ready to go. - Matt

The Wings have recalled Brendan Smith, which means he can get his at least some of his suspension out of the way sooner rather than later. Commodore’s been placed on the 7-day injury reserve, putting the Wings at the 23 man roster limit with the recall. Smith can get three games knocked off his suspension before Commodore’s term on the STIR’s up and they’d be up to 24 roster spots, forcing Brendan back to the AHL.

Meanwhile, Smith is ineligible to play for the Griffins until the 18th, due to an executive decision by the President of the AHL. If he was going to sit at the AHL level anyway, makes sense to bring him up to the NHL to sit and get through some of his lasting punishment .

Anyway, as a side note: the Wings looked pretty good last night, thought it was just the Senators and they did lose focus later in the game. All in all, however, a decent start to the season. Will need to keep their defensive focus later in the game better going forward, but that’s been true for a while. Here’s hoping that new coaching angles will result in that being addressed now that we’ve got real game-time situations to learn from.

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