MacDonald Returns

Update (10:14 AM): Interesting:

And I quote from Jim Nill, who just walked by, about Joey MacDonald: “Just a little insurance policy.”

George, via TC. – Matt

Joey MacDonald has signed a 2-year deal with the Wings that will probably have him playing the role of mentor in Grand Rapids. And, possibly, the role of insurance against a potential Chris Osgood breaking-down. Yep, it’s possible this means the Wings and Chris Osgood will go for another year.

Going with Osgood again without Joey or a comparable guy in the program would have been a serious risk, but with MacDonald back in the fold, that risk is somewhat mitigated. They can get Osgood cheaper than just about anyone else and if his groin turns out not to hold up, they can go back to Joey, at least for the short term.

Of course, they could still be looking for another guy, but this at least opens the door for Osgood.