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A while back, the New York Times added a feature to their site that allowed users to link to specific paragraphs or sentences within their articles. I thought the feature was cool at the time and wanted a way to add that to OtW. Well, today the NYT released a second version of that feature for use by other people and someone has already created a plugin that allows me to implement it here.

So. If you hit “Shift” twice, you’ll see ¶ symbols pop up in the margins. Clicking on one of those will change the url in the address bar of your browser, which you can then use to link to that paragraph if you want. If you want to highlight a given sentence, doubletap Shift and then click the paragraph containing that sentence. If you then click the sentence you’re interested in highlighting, it’ll go yellow and the url again changes in the address bar.

The Times has a better explanation here (also: an example of this in action).

I thought it could be a cool feature, for either using while commenting or if you ever want to share something from OtW. Or if you’re a blogger that wants to argue a point and provide your readers a specific link. That kind of thing.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. @joshparylak says:

    That's pretty slick. Cool new feature.

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