Just days after TPL’s #OperationCurlyFries successfully ended in the triumphant return of the Arby’s curly fries promotion, we have a reason to print a boxscore: Nick Lidstrom scored his first career hat trick tonight as he powered the Wings to a 5-2 win over a very undisciplined Blues team.

It was too awesome to wait to post about it until tomorrow. Nick’s stock is rising this season, if you can believe it. This may go down as one of his best. I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for this team.

Make sure you go to Arby’s tomorrow.

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  1. Clark says:

    Do you really think the timing is a coincidence? There weren't any hat tricks earlier this season because it wasn't worth it to get one without Curly Fries on the line. :)

  2. onthewings says:

    Haha, good point. Always thinking of the fans, those guys!

  3. John W. says:

    Had my curly fries for lunch. Unsuprisingly, since it was a Lidstrom Hat Trick, they were perfect, not burned, not soggy, not cold, just perfect.

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