Freep: Modano Will Sign on Thursday

Update (10:35 AM): I’ve got a poll up on this if you’re interested and didn’t see the other post. - Matt

Helene St. James bases this on a message from avid texter Mike Modano himself (“Big announcement Thursday”) and on information from an unnamed source who doesn’t want to steal Mike’s long-pending thunder. Ken Holland either doesn’t know Modano’s final decision or he’s pretending not to.

The expected number remains $1.25 million, which likely means an all-youth third pairing and an uncharacteristic emphasis on forward depth over defensive. I tend to think even the best gain from Modano isn’t worth that weakening of the defense (or the possible developmental setback to Abdelkader yada yada), but…

With Modano’s $1.25 million (assuming that’s correct) on the books, that leaves about $2.5 million (by leaving out Ritola) to sign Abdelkader and Helm. Should be plenty. The only question is how long they’ll sign for.

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