Steve Yzerman, The New Tampa Bay GM

Wow. I had really hoped this wouldn’t happen, but there it is: Stevie’s leaving Detroit. I didn’t want to believe it possible, but it is.

I’m amazed. With his family still tied up in Detroit and Tampa Bay being such a mess, I never thought he’d leave now. Surely other opportunities in the next year or two would have opened up with other teams. Why Tampa, Steve? Why now? He had more power to choose his time and place than practically anybody, and the decision is Tampa Bay? I’m stunned.

That said, Stevie, I wish you luck and success and know you’ll prove your managerial mettle to the hockey world big time. Thank you for everything—you really are the best.

This news has thrown off my orbit for the day. More tonight.

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  1. Garth says:

    This sucks though I completely understand it. With Holland's comments about not wanting to move up to President, Yzerman had to feel like he wasn't going to get a chance any time soon in Detroit.

    I might've thought he'd hold out for something closer to home, I'm sure the perfect scenario being with the Sens, but at the same time he's put in time in the front office as well as having a hand in what happened with the roster in his last couple years of playing (I'm sure I read somewhere) and I'm glad he's getting a chance.

    And simply because of him, I will now cheer for the Lightnig in most scenarios.

    Good luck Steve, I wish you the best unless the Red Wings meet the Lightning in the Finals…

    • Matt Saler says:

      Yeah, my shock is less that he left and more that he's gone to Tampa Bay. I said a couple weeks ago that I'd come to terms with him likely leaving, but I meant "at some point," not this summer, or more specifically, right now for Tampa Bay.

      I really thought he'd wait for a better opportunity. Although, I've seen the argument that this is a great opportunity for him: if he fails, it'll be marked down to TB's ownership mess and lack of anything much to work with and he'll still be in demand. If he succeeds, the legend of Steve Yzerman grows. But even accounting for that, it seemed to me that a better opportunity had to come up at some point in the future. GMs are being dropped by teams all the time.

      I'd accepted he wouldn't stay in Detroit or get the GM spot here, but was really, really hoping he'd wait a little longer. Can't blame him, but it's still a disappointment. And a shock to think that he won't be associated with the Wings any more.

      • Garth says:

        Yeah, I was really hoping he wouldn't leave this soon but really, who's to say when another job is going to come up and whether it's going to be a "better" opportunity for him.

        For a young GM wanting to make his mark is there a better situation than taking something that's been a mess for a couple years and turning it around? Yzerman's a smart, smart dude and I'm sure he wouldn't have taken the job if he didn't trust that the ownership situation was in a good place.

        Can't say I like it, but I definitely wish him and luck and will cheer for the Bolts.

  2. Megan says:

    If he had to leave, I'm happy with where he ended up. Tampa Bay is in the other conference, so we won't have to play them a lot and I won't have to cheer against him. I have also always sorta liked Tampa Bay (please don't ask me to explain, because I really don't know why). I'm sad to see him go, but excited to see what he will do in Tampa Bay.

    And Matt, Stevie will always be associated with the Wings. He was the face of the franchise for over twenty years. He is and will always be a Wing, no matter where he goes.

    • Matt Saler says:

      Yeah, the other conference aspect of this is good. Rather than that Calgary or something. And I'm okay with the Lightning, too. I can support them going forward.

      And Matt, Stevie will always be associated with the Wings. He was the face of the franchise for over twenty years. He is and will always be a Wing, no matter where he goes.

      I know. That was a bad choice of words. I meant he'll no longer be a member of the organization.

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