TFP: Yzerman Turns Down Tampa Bay

Hold on the excitement until another outlet picks it up, but, if true: awesome. Though not entirely unexpected. I’ve come to accept that Stevie will leave at some point, especially if Ken Holland continues his “from my cold, dead fingers” approach in spite of Illitch’s request, but Tampa Bay was far from the ideal situation he’d want to start his GM career.

But we’ll see. When another outlet can verify TFP’s story, I’ll be more relieved. Note that’s nothing against TFP. I just like seeing a breaking story picked up by others who are also doing due diligence on it.

Sorry about the quiet around her since The Loss. On top of having little time to post, I’d also hit a bit of a blogger burnout patch at the end there and needed a few days. Still not sure if I’ll be able to muster a season post-mortem (everybody’s already said everything anyway), but we’ll see.

(link via @Mariia19)