Ride the Mule

Well, thanks to having missed 3/4 of the season, one guy who doesn’t fit my Fatigue Thesis is Johan Franzen. And he showed that in a big way tonight. And in the process disproved the Fatigue Thesis by sparking his team to join him in a strong outing and resurrection of the Wings we know and love. Maybe they have some gas left in the tank after all. Mule does, anyway. Siphon some off him, maybe?

If the Mule can keep up even half of that pace in Game 5, the Wings have a shot. How many seeds of doubt were planted in the minds of a surprisingly childish Sharks team tonight (Joe Thornton, third period)? Dare we embrace the hope the Wings offered tonight?

I will say, though, that the Stuart injury is kinda key. Here’s hoping it’s not something that’ll keep him out going forward.

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  1. Garth says:



    That's just about all I can say.

    Except that I'm not overly surprised by the childish play of Thornton. Have you forgotten his little snow job on Jimmah from game 1?

  2. hockeychic says:

    I have to echo Garth. Wow. Just wow!

    Have to say the way the Sharks game unglued in the 3rd was not cool.

  3. John W. says:

    Game 5 is the series in my mind. The Wings will have to play PERFECT. I have a feeling the officials will use Game 4 to say, there's your calls, now it's even. Which is a joke, but that's how they're feeble little minds work. If the Wings win it though, I think they'll pull it off. The Sharks actions in the 3rd period show signs of them already choking. A confident team would act like this game was meaningless when they were down 6, just a minor bump in the road in a series that's already over. Instead? They were acting like the series was getting away from them. Those were the actions employed by the like of Calgary in 07 when they were getting blown out in Game 5 in a 2-2 series, frustrated and knowing they were outmatched and probably going to lose the series. In my mind, the Sharks, at the very first sign of adversity, are already choking. Score the first goal early in Game 5 Wings, it just may lead to a total collapse.

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