Say all you want about the officiating. It sucked. The officials clearly have no professional pride to fall continually for the Sharks worldclass diving.

But here’s the thing. The Wings have to overcome that. They know what the score is. They know what they’re up against. But they’re shooting themselves in the foot with a lack of hustle. They can overcome this crap. They just have to work for it. (and maybe, you know, win a faceoff or two every once and a while)

That taking the bench minor at the end of the game was pathetic. The game in a nutshell: they have a mark they have to hit, but they fall short.

The refereeing in this series has sucked. But it’s time for the Wings to get their heads in it. Or it’s over.

Don’t lose to that gutless, honorless team again, Wings. Overcome.

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  1. Garth says:

    No. I'm sorry, but blaming lack of hustle is BS.

    If this series is called fairly, at the very WORST we're tied 1-1, going home with home-ice advantage in a best of five.

    Just to say "overcome" is easy, but when we have back-to-back games in which we have the momentum (coming back from 0-3 to get to 2-3, and to come back from 1-2 to lead 3-2) and are tagged for at-the-very-least-questionable 5 on 3s, that HAND the momentum back to the Sharks, it's a little much to just "overcome" it.

    I'm not saying we win game 1 if there's no BS 5 on 3, but we had the momentum Thursday night and we had the momentum tonight, and we WERE overcoming the BS officiating, but how do you simply overcome it when the Sharks are gift-wrapped that 5 on 3?

    At one point this game we had FOUR penalties that were, as Bob McKenzie said, "ticky tacky" and there wasn't even an eye batted when Helm took a two-handed crosscheck to the mouth.

    Abdelkader and Bertuzzi were called for goalie interference penalties that even Tomas Holmstrom would've been surprised to be called on.

    The Sharks (in particular Evgeni Nabakov and Devon Setoguchi) have proven themselves to be a worthless, honourless team (and it's disgusting that Todd McClellan went from being an assistant on the classiest franchise in the league to a head coach that apparently approves of or at least turns a blind eye to his team diving like Jacque Cousteau) and the refs have proven that they're morons who are easily manipulated into calling BS penalties.

    If the officiating continues to be this bad, I honestly don't see us having a chance of coming back.




    It won't matter. Not if the officiating doesn't approve.

    The biggest insult was them giving Heatley that BS penalty just so that they can pretend it was at least consistent.


    • Rick says:

      Wow..i hear the violins playing and you all wrapped up in your blankey….buddy grow some or start watchin basketball….wings sucked, got beat, and now along with you are whinning instead of winning…talk about classless and stupid…Classless—Ber'cruise'e….and for Stupid–Draper..laughing at a ref when he explains a call(I believe its in hockey dictionary for stupid)

  2. hockeychic says:

    I don't even know what to say about this game…I just don't…unbelievable. I can't even remember the last time the Wings took 10 penalties in a game. I agree, you have to be able to overcome the officiating but sometimes, it is pretty darn hard. The bench minor at the end of the game was just the icing on an already very difficult to digest evening.

  3. Andre says:

    While some of the penalties like Bert's goaltender interference (most of the goalie interference calls were BS regardless of which team "committed" them) were of the "ticky tacky" variety, the Wings took 20min in penalties altogether…if you want to win, that can't happen. There's no excuse for things like Cleary's slashing and Filppula's triping calls, those are unacceptable.

    Re: the 5-3, the initial call on Todd was lame, but again, the Kronwall penalty is justified.

    Its tough being down 2-0 in the series after having played two close games where the Wings seemed to beat themselves. I'm not trying to take anything away from the Sharks, unsurprisingly, they're beating the Wings at their own game.

    Hopefully home ice will help them rediscover how to win face-offs and maintain discipline. I think we've seen that there's not that much separating these teams, and if the Wings can improve in those two areas I think we'll be ok.

    Matt, with respect, I don't see the Sharks as a classless team and I'm not sure its a fair take. Setoguchi aside (you can't lump the entire team in because of him), I'm not seeing much, maybe I'm missing it though. I don't think Nabakov is doing much more embellishing than I've seen Howard do, and with the way some teams take liberties running goalies, I don't begrudge them that.

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