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Maltby Declines to Take One For the Team

Update (2:48 PM): Scratch that. Maybe. St. James now says Maltby’s likely to have the surgery and she has it from Holland, apparently.

Then later she says, “However, given that he needs surgery at some point, it’s just as likely he will decide to have that soon, which would make it possible for the Wings to put him on long-term injured reserve.”

So we’re not talking for sure sure, but pretty close if Holland’s claiming it’s happening. Maltby still has a choice. Or does he? Interesting…

Also, Lilja’s being cleared today or tomorrow, which means this situation’s going to break open sooner rather than later. – Matt

Looks like there won’t be a surgery in Maltby’s immediate future. He’s opting to instead take a third cortisone shot and risk those side effects. That solidifies the Wings’ cap bind, as they still have to unload $700,000 assuming Lilja’s cleared to play.

They’ve been able to get away with delaying that announcement through the Olympics, apparently, but come Monday, you have to think they’ll need to make it official one way or another.

Can’t really blame Maltby for trying to stay in the lineup rather than all but end his own career with a surgery, but this is really going to suck for someone on the roster. Doubtful the Wings will drop Maltby himself or a defenseman if they can help it, which may mean Williams’ days are in fact numbered here.

We can only hope, right?

USA (! USA! USA!) 5, Canada 3

What a game. Comparisons to the Miracle on Ice are a bit much, because the relative talent of the two teams is much closer than the Americans had to the Soviets back then, but still a huge win for the program.

It’s a real shame it got relegated to the ghetto of MSNBC and wasn’t on NBC. Did anything memorable even happen last night in figure skating or ice dancing or whatever? Maybe NBC wouldn’t have gotten the ratings had they put the game up, but that was just the kind of game that prospective fans in the States need to see. Oh well. Keep your focus on a sport that comes around once every four years rather than one you broadcast regularly, NBC.

I ended up opting to leave my computer at home when went over to a friend’s to catch the game in 52″ HD glory. I wanted to be able to enjoy the game without needing to tweet about it. But my fingers kept twitching throughout the game and I kept having to stop myself from looking for my laptop. Would have been fun to have been in on the Twittertalk for this one.

Anyway, bullet points follow.

Bullet points:

  • How sweet was it that the opening goal went in off Crosby? Doing the full-of-fail knee-and-extend-stick form of shot blocking that’s as sure to screw your goalie as it is to miss the puck entirely. Beautiful. I had to mention it.
  • Brian Rafalski has had a heck of a tournament and had a heck of a night. He was the beneficiary of some sweet luck on the Crosby goal and the Langenbrunner one later, but there’s no denying he’s got the hot stick. If he plays half as good as that for the Wings in March, it’ll go a long way.
  • Brodeur looked pretty bad. I’m a little surprised Babcock gave him that kind of leash. Obviously, the game didn’t get away from Canada at any point, really, but he looked shaky enough Babcock wouldn’t have been remiss to throw in Luongo. Especially after Marty tossed that puck up the gut and right to Rafi.
  • Miller was stellar. The three goals don’t look so hot, but considering what he was up against and the quality of scoring opportunities he faced, he was flat out awesome. He’s the single biggest reason the game went the way it did. I hope he has enough gas left in the tank to finish out the tournament on that note.
  • Corey Perry is a moron. I don’t know what he was looking at when he took out Staal and brought down Pronger. His presence on the team is laughable. I get that The Captain and Company wanted to keep lines together as much as possible, but Perry’s not worth it.
  • Say what you will about Crosby, but he definitely doesn’t lack intensity. Something Thornton and his friends do lack.
  • Kesler. I generally dislike Canucks, but his effort on that empty net goal was incredible. He had a strong game and capping it off with that was awesome to see. I love that he guaranteed a win over the Canadians and then made sure of it himself. That’s clutch.
  • Taking off my US hat and putting on my Red Wings one, it was a little disturbing to see Wilson outcoach Babcock.

The US’ chance for a medal shot up enormously with that win. It’s going to be an exciting tournament down the stretch, assuming they don’t fall from the emotional heights they hit last night and end up faltering. Keep the pedal to the metal, guys.

Checking In

Sorry for the silence this week. I just haven’t been able to catch any of the hockey, thanks to some of the games being on during the workday and then evening commitments. So I haven’t had much I can comment on. When I finally get to catch a game, then I’ll have something to say.

The Obstructed View, Episode 10

The latest TOV is out today. The usual good discussion, with Ellen, Casey and Andy constituting the panel with Chris and Brian. Topics include Maltby, Holmstrom, Franzen, the Olympics…

… and a somewhat infuriating discussion on the future captain. Let me just say: Z for C, Datsyuk for senior A, Kronwall/Franzen share the other A. No way Zetterberg and Datsyuk don’t have letters on their jerseys until they retire.

Check it out here.

MacLeod Moves On

Yep, Bruce MacLeod’s got a new assignment: online editor for the Macomb Daily. That means no more MacLeod-driven Red Wings Corner and no more Twitter updates and no more general direct exposure to his general awesomeness.

First: well, that sucks. Our best beat writer… coverage’ll take a hit with this.

Second, congrats, Bruce. Sorry to loose you from the Wings beat, but glad to see you getting a better job that allows for more family time. Good luck going forward.

Replacing Bruce at the Corner will be Chuck Pleiness. You’ve got big shoes to fill, Chuck. Don’t let us down.

And get on Twitter, Chuck.