12/29 Lilja Update

It’s an off day for the Wings, so that means another non-news workday piece from the media. This time it’s on Lilja, who’s still experiencing headaches 10 months on. It’s a good read, if you’re looking to become depressed.

Also, the team got the day off, so it’s doubtful we’ll get an answer to the question coming out of the last paragraph here until tomorrow. I say give Leino a shot at resurrecting chemistry with Filppula, but remind him Ritola’s just a phone call and a two-hour drive away.

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  1. timmaaaa says:

    Wheres “Fish” when ya need em? That’d be nice wouldnt it? Maybe “Murph” could suit up for awhile…? Missing Lilja doesnt help things, thats for sure…but what does? With trade deadline approaching, Who can we deal to actually get someone of true value? and not lose out on big talent at the same time!?!? Many people are saying the point totals dont mean everything…Guess what… Right now they do! point totals mean ALOT! especially, when your whole team isnt getting them…offense where r u???

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