Wings 3, Avalanche 4 (SO)

I don’t have a lot to say about it. I will say that I think this one bothers me more than the loss to the Sabres. Teams have their off-nights and as sucky as they are, the Sabres game could have been written off as one of those off-nights. Not this game. Through two periods, the Wings looked as they should: in command of the puck, up there in effort, in control of the game. Call it 85%-90% of what they’re capable of.

Then, the third period. Total collapse. Total. Teamwide. Collapse.

The turnover and sequence of play that led to the Avs’ first goal? Horrific hockey right there. Abdelkader should be ashamed of himself for that turnover. Ericsson should be embarrassed at his chosen way of playing defense on the ensuing rush. The only skater who did his job on that play was Lebda.

Stuart’s play on the Avs’ second goal? Powder-puff. Give him all the space he needs, Brad! Thanks.

The line change on the Avs’ third goal? How does that happen? They made Galiardi look like Genius, Starter of Breakouts, Destroyer of Apathetic Defenses. Disgusting.

Where was the offense? Congrats to Filppula for making it 3-2. Give the kid a medal. Now, who else? Where was the leadership when the game was obviously collapsing around the team’s ears? It was Zetterberg’s best game of the season. But where was he in the third? Lidstrom? That was the kind of situation, where rookies are throwing the game away and the young guys are scrambling, to step it up and take command. But it didn’t happen. Not cool.

So, I’m angry and over-generalizing. But this lead-blowing crap has to stop. I’d rather they play like crap the whole game than have to watch this.

As a side note, I’m sick of them leaving Osgood out to dry and then having to hear about how Osgood sucks and how he’s being exposed. The only thing about Osgood that was exposed last night was how much he sucks at shootouts. But we already knew that. You can’t blame him for this loss because it never should have gotten to that point. He showed up in the third, even when his teammates decided they didn’t have to.

I’m absolutely with George here: this group needs this road trip. They need to get away and spend their days together, bonding or whatever the heck professional athletes do on the road. They need to get away from whatever distractions are infringing upon their ability to play basic hockey and start getting their heads on straight. Fast. Yes, it’s only seven games in, but if they don’t handle this now, we’ll be saying “it’s only 20 games in,” then “it’s only half way through the season,” then “they’ve still got 20 games,” and then what?

I know this team can get it in gear and I know they will. But they need to get on it. Use this trip, guys.

Turns out I had more to say about it than I thought. The power of Rant…

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  1. hockeychic says:

    I agree with you 100%.  Ozzy was totaly left out to dry on the bad line change goal and I knew it wouldn't be good going into the shootout.


    For the first two periods, I really thought the Wings were starting to play together as a team and then the third…what happened?


    I'm still mad and it is the morning after.  That just was so painful to watch.

  2. John W. says:

    Grear points Matt. What got to me while it was happening was that 4 minute PP. Good, wait, great teams score in the 3rd period with a 2 goal lead when given a 4 minute PP. That's when that killer instinct must kick in. They score there, and they probably win 3-0. That kill gave the Avs hope and momentum, and it burned the Wings.

    Also, I love Hank, but he really sucks on shootouts. I was surprised when they said he had a 33% success rate, I thought it was much lower. I can't remember the last time he scored on one. With his shot, why never try to pick the top corner? Last night he did a piss-poor job at selling the forehand, Anderson never bought it, and made an easy save. Leino's effort was even worse in the s/o but it was his first so I'll give him a pass. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but a leader like Hank should have said no way we're losing this game, and made sure he scored there. I'm picking on Hank too much here, but I just get tired of watching a guy with his skill level always look so sloppy in the shoot-out. He only has 2 moves, forehand-backhand and the Forsberg move, which never works. Snipe Hank, Snipe!

  3. Ryan says:

    If it's humanly possible for someone to say no way and make sure he scores in a shootout, hopefully a leader like Zetterberg would do it every time.  Heck, imagine if the other guys decided to score, too.  And if Osgood decided to save every shot against him, the Wings would be the best shootout team in history.


    Anyway, I don't know whether Osgood's being exposed or not, but he sure has let a lot of goals in along the ice between his legs so far this year.



  4. John W. says:

    My only point was Hank should be better in shootouts than he is. Obviously he can't score everytime, but he just doesn't look sharp to me in the shootout, just doesn't seem to bear down as much as he does during the game.

  5. Guys, you have a great team, and specificly agreat defense. But Osgood DOES suck, he's weak and the guys in front of him protect him well. He does have a knack of making saves at crucial moments, but he is hardly a world class goalie. It's easy to look good when you only face 20 shots a game.

    As for Duchene's goal, I wouldn't blame Stuart, Duchene just made a great play.

  6. Chris of Nightmare o says:

    I struggle to say that Ozzie showed up.  Yes he didn't have a chance at the last one, but the first one was a five hole shot…which I would usually let go, these things happen, but lately they've been happening too often.  Secondly, the wrist shot goal was a long, unscreened shot that he flapped at, but missed.  It was far enough away that any screen by Stuart is almost irrelevant.  Osgood simply wasn't expecting it.

    BUT to "From the Point"  we've heard that argument 1 billion times, it can be trust the reg. season, but again, Osgood was unbelievable last playoffs.  I understand that you didn't get to watch much of it last year (man, must suck to have a team tank during the year, ha) but he was probably the team MVP.

  7. Eric L. says:

    I think it's safe to say that we don't have a chance at winning in a shootout and Ozzie hasn't had his best start.

    Everybody I've talked to though is blaming the comeback on the 4-minute power play that Detroit had. Like you guys mentioned that gave them a boost.

    I think the bigger boost for the Aves came when they scored 2 goals 2 and a half minutes apart from each other.

    The PK for the Aves started the comeback, but the 2 goals pretty much ended the game for the Wings.

    The other thing is that I don't think the Wings went in looking for a 4th goal. When they scored that third goal I think they let up and assumed that they were going to win and once again, Colorado came back and took the momentum away from Detroit.

    To me, it was just a lot of unprofessional hockey.

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