Game Day Notes: vs. Los Angeles

Update (1:30 PM): Bill’s got some comments on Allen’s Zetterberg tweet here.

I will say that while the groin angle may apply, chances are he wouldn’t be playing at all if it were too much of an issue. Or at least he wouldn’t have been prior to the Franzen injury, when they could have let him rest up. I think he’s healthy and just having a slow start.

He also said this on Twitter:

I’m betting Datsyuk’s hurt worse than “day to day”, and I doubt it just cropped up Tuesday night.

Agreed. It would certainly explain Pavel’s slow start. That said, assuming Bill’s right, why wouldn’t the team just come out with it? They didn’t screw around with the Franzen injury. Why not be forthright on Datsyuk? – Matt

Update (1:00 PM): One more from Kevin Allen on Twitter:

Pavel #Datsyuk is definitely not playing tonight, and the Red Wings definitely aren’t saying what his injury is.

I don’t like the sound of that. May just be worded poorly, but it makes it seem like he could be in worse shape than the team’s letting on. Yay. – Matt

Update (12:54 PM): Kevin Allen via Twitter:

Talking this morning about the Red Wings’ early struggles Mike Babcock: “(Zetterberg) has to get to another level — that’s the bottom line”


Also, as a reminder, I plan on livetweeting the game again: @OtW_InGame. – Matt

… First off, Pavel Datsyuk’s out tonight, but remains only day-to-day, which is good news. He’ll be replaced on the top line by Dan Cleary. The rest of the lines should shake out like this:


May is out.

… Brett Lebda will be back on defense.

… Osgood’s in net.

… The Wings’ll look to rebound from their awful performance in Buffalo Tuesday night. Losing Datsyuk will hamper that effort, even though he’s been unlike himself to the point of invisibility so far this season.

… While the return of Lebda is being laughed at in some circles, I think it’ll actually provide a boost in the bottom end of the lineup. He knows he’s in a fight for his spot and should play with an edge tonight (at least as much as he’s capable of). He’ll be better tonight.

… The Kings are coming off a loss last night in New York. They’d won their previous four games going in to their matchup with the Rangers and lead the Pacific Division with 8 points. They’re still a long way from the playoffs, but they are looking improved. It’s not correct to think of them as pushovers any more.

That said, the Wings should be able to handle them, all being right in the world. Not only did they play last night, they also should be no match for the Wings’ talent and drive, assuming both show up.

… Jonathan Quick is the expected starter.

… Anze Kopitar is fourth in the League in points with 10 in 8.

… Here’s hoping a return to local broadcasting restores the Wings who failed to show up for the “national” one on Tuesday.

… Sorry for the bare-bones post: busy day at work.

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  1. Eric L. says:

    This year's started off weird. It seems like all of the teams that were bad last year are doing really good this year. The Aves are 4-1-1, the Rangers (who were OK last year) have won 6 games in a row, LA is leading their division and the Lighting are leading their division too (not by much but still). This is a weird start.

  2. Garth says:

    LOVE the potential of the Helm-Abby-Eaves line, that should be some fun hockey to watch.

    And I do like the return of Lebda. Someone at A2Y suggested shipping him off and giving the 6th spot to Meech, because they thought Meech would play better not having to worry about fighting for the job, but over the last couple years I just don't think Meech has it. I do think that fighting for the spot will benefit Lebda, even though I think he's probably the odd man out if/when Lilja returns.

  3. James says:

    That said, assuming Bill’s right, why wouldn’t the team just come out with it? They didn’t screw around with the Franzen injury. Why not be forthright on Datsyuk?

    I think it's because they plan on bringing Datsyuk back into the fold before he's 100% healthy.  They obviously don't want guys being targeted for their injuries.  For something major like Franzen, he's having surgery and I'm sure they're not planning on him playing until he's completely recovered.

    That's all I could come up with, and I think that's a valid reason.  But I agree, it is irritating being a fan and not knowing.

  4. Brian says:

    Posted by probates@… Thu Oct 15 7:41pm EDT

    The Red Wings are without players that contributed twenty-eight percent of their offence last season. Conklin totalled twenty-five wins for the Wings last season on a salary of less than one million and he is now playing for St. Louis for only $1.2 million annually. The Red Wings won three of their last four Stanley Cup finals convincingly since they defeated the Flyers and Capitals in four straight games, the Hurricanes in five games and the Penguins in six games. Detroit lost games six and seven of last years Stanley Cup Finals to the Penguins by identical 2-1 scores and the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals in seven games. The Red Wings did not make a trade that would assist them for the playoffs by the trade deadline last season. This negatively effected them as coach Babcock himself stated that the Wings were running on fumes near the end of last seasons playoffs. Compare that to the Stanley Cup Penguins who obtained two players at the trade deadline, Guerin and Kunitz, that contributed over twenty-five playoff points for Pittsburgh. Overall, as much as I would like to see the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals again, it seems to be a good bet that they will not be in the Stanley Cup Finals at the end of this season.

  5. Eric L. says:

    There's still a lot of time though. The front office has to know that they're in a little bit of trouble. I can't think of the last time that Ken Holland let the team not have a chance at the cup. I really think that they're going to make some moves during this season.

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