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Hossa’s Gone

Update (01. Jul, 2:16 PM): Staggering, mind-blowing deal: 12-years, $62.4 million with Chicago. Wow. More to come after work. – Matt

Sportsnet, via Winging It In Motown:

Sportsnet has learned Marion Hossa has turned down a contract offer from the Red Wings that would have kept the all-star with the Red Wings for the next 10 years.

A source compared the length of the deal to the deals Johan Franzen and Henrik Zetterberg signed. It’s believed the deal-breaker was the average salary which fell between $3.75 million and $4 million.

That report would have a little more credibility with me if it spelled “Marion’s” name right, but the basic facts are probably correct. Holland has effectively confirmed the rejection by telling Ted Kulfan, “It certainly appears [he’ll test the market].” There’s just about zero chance he’ll resign after market opens tomorrow.

What I don’t get is the so-called sticking point. If the deal is structured so that he gets $6+ million a year for a few years, with compensation progressively decreasing over the latter years, what exactly is so bad about it? Who cares if the average salary is $3.75 to $5 $4 million? To me, it just proves he’s caring about the money this year, not winning.

Thanks for your time here, Hossa, and good luck wherever you land. Hope the money’s worth it.

Howard’s Time

One interesting bit of Khan’s piece that I didn’t mention in my last: the Wings won’t offer Conklin a contract, which means Howard’s all but assured the back-up spot next season. Only way he loses it is if he is terrible in camp and Larsson isn’t. Not likely to happen.

That means Howard is the guy the Wings are stuck with if Osgood gets injured. Makes me a little nervous.

Hossa re-signing looking unlikely, may be for the best

Ansar Khan has the latest on the Hossa “negotiations” here. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be back, as Holland himself is not optimistic and is even talking about possibly shopping his rights as early as Monday.

When I read that the Hossa camp is seeking a deal averaging $6 million a year, I have to think he’s going to move on. That’s not the sound of a guy looking to take a discount to win any more. A $4 million cap hit, front-loaded deal could get him $6 million a year for a span, so I’m not sure what the problem is if it’s not that he wants out, or to be paid big bucks for the rest of his career rather than just a few more years.

At this point, I’m leaning toward hoping the Wings leave the cap space and look to the future, when the cap may fall a few million and make stocking the ’10-’11 roster more difficult, even with the likely reduction in Lidstrom’s pay to a sunset discount.

Draft Review

I’m no good with prospects, so I’m deferring to Kyle on this. He’s got a review of the Wings’ draft choices here. Sounds like the Wings did pretty well, all things considered.

The Captain’s In

We’ve known this day would come for  long time: Steve Yzerman is part of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s class of 2009. Joining one of the greatest leaders in sports history in entering the Hall this year will be former Red Wings Brett Hull and Luc Robataille, as well as Brian Leetch.

Congrats to all, but especially The Captain.

End of an Era

Update (23. Jun, 9:40 AM): Interesting Holland quote in the Windsor Star regarding a possible future in Detroit should he have trouble signing elsewhere:

“I told him to spend the summer (looking) and if things don’t work out we can talk down the road.”

I assume that such a discussion would involve a front office position and not a playing one. Good to see the Wings standing by to take care of the guy if needed. – Matt

The end of the Chelios Era in Detroit, that is. The Wings will not offer him a contract this summer, opening the possibility that he may be forced into retirement. Here’s hoping someone picks him up (Chicago, Bill suggests), because I’d hate to see one of America’s great players have no option but to hang them up.* Retirement for a guy like Chelios should come on his terms.

Thanks for the past decade, Cheli, and good luck going forward.

*Can’t find verification on this with a quick Google search, so correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t Murphy and Fetisov left unsigned before being forced to retire due to disinterest around the League? The landscape has changed in the NHL since those years, and that could mean increased chances of being picked up for Chelios, but I wouldn’t call it a lock.

Post-Awards Comments

Congrats to Datsyuk for winning his fourth Lady Byng and second Selke tonight. It’s too bad Lidstrom didn’t get the Norris, but at least that pretender Green didn’t get it.

The show, by the way (if you didn’t watch), was about as painful as usual. Bad music, stumbling Hollywood types and wooden ex- and current player presenters. Guess it could have been worse, but the Show has a long way to go.

Highlight of the evening: Vladimir Konstantinov’s appearance with Igor Larionov. Still gut wrenching to see Vladdy, even though he’s looking good these days.