Tip: Datsyuk expects to be back for Game 2, at the latest

Update (29. May, 12:40 PM): Latest on Datsyuk here. - Matt

Reader Dave sent me and a few other Wings bloggers this email:

Hey all! I’m a big fan of each and everyone of your blogs (TTD, A2Y, OtW & BingoBango) and you’re really the only source of reading I do based on hockey.  Anyways, I’ll get to the point of this email and not only is it a cool experience for me but it’s some good news I heard along the way.  I work at Outback Steakhouse in Canton, MI.  The ex-girlfriend, who is still a good friend of mine, also works at the Canton location.  Mandy, my ex, is dating the owner of the Novi location where her sister also works.

So, on to the point.  I just get a call from Mandy (again, my ex, for those of you who can’t keep up) and she is sitting at Novi Outbacks bar.  Oddly enough, she is calling me to tell me that just a few feet away is Pavel Datsyuk and her sister is waiting on him.  So of course the first thing I want is an autograph.  So I can clearly hear them talking back and forth, they got some pictures to with Pav.  After it finally sets in I immediately have her ask Pav when he’ll be back.

He says his foot is getting better and hopefully it’ll be Saturday but chances are he will be back Sunday without fail.

Obviously you all might find this either bullshit or just some heresay which I totally agree.  Maybe it was Pavel just being a typical cliche hockey player.

To me, it was the best news I could hear!  Nowing Lids and Ericcson will be back Saturday and now having Pav back by Sunday at the latest has just brought my spirits right back up.

With a fully healthy team, the Pens are going down.

Soon as I get the pictures I’ll try and send them over so you guys know I’m not just B.S.’ing ya



Well, I believe the story, but here’s hoping Pavel was being truthful. A day may not make a huge difference in terms of healing, but a fresh Datsyuk in Game 2 sounds very appealing.

Thanks for the tip, Dave.

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  1. Kyle says:

    No joke.  I came on here because I just read my buddy's Facebook status.  He works at that same Outback, and said he saw Datsyuk and he looked fine.

  2. Here is to hoping Pavs is healthy!

  3. Dave B. says:

    See, even Kyle can back my story! Haha. I wasn't lying one bit! Again though, I'm hoping it was Pav being honest and not him being your typical "i'm getting better every day, we'll see tomorrow" cliche hockey ASS!

  4. Baroque says:

    That would be nice if he is that close. I think it's at least possible, since he has been skating for a bit and apparently his concern is turning well enough – but he might be overly optimistic.

    He'll be needed against Pittsburgh, for sure.

  5. jaybee says:

    more importantly, did he get a bloomin' onion?  i thought these guys only ate grilled chicken and pasta.

  6. Josh says:

    Ok the wings can win because they have a big peice of the pens run last year, and if datsy comes back sunday then it will be that much easier, i pick wings in 6, because of their defense… defense wins championships.

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