Khan: Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Draper Skip Skate (Updated)

Update (3:49 PM): The CBC’s got a little more on the situation. Datsyuk apparently went through a “rigorous” off-ice work out, while Lidstrom wasn’t even around.

Makes you wonder where Nick was.

Also mentioned  is Babcock’s comment today that if they’re ready, they’ll play. So if they’re out tomorrow, it won’t be due to rest.  - Matt

Update (12:56 PM): Khan has updated his earlier post with the news that Datsyuk skated for about 15 minutes before practice and feels mostly good. He’ll try again tomorrow, and could go in Game 5 if he feels he’s good to go (i.e. able to take turns to his satisfaction).

Khan also has more detail on the injury, including some reassuring news about X-ray results (no break). - Matt

Update (12:05 PM): Helene St. James has an angle on the same news, with an added detail I hadn’t heard before: Datsyuk’s foot is swollen enough that he can’t get his skate on.*

She also frames the news as casting doubt on their availability for tomorrow, despite the fact that players skip practices in the playoffs in this exact circumstance all the time. - Matt

Ansar Khan has the latest from practice.

Here’s hoping that in Nick and Pavel’s case, it’s just further rest in preparation for a return. If Datsyuk’s foot is really just sore and not broken, and Nick’s just got a sore ankle, we can be optimistic. Maybe.

But Drapers still definitely out. Poor guy can’t catch a break in this run.

Khan promises a further update after the skate.

*Update: Apparently this was reported already on TV. I assume it was by Versus or NBC, since I don’t really listen to those guys.

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  1. John W. says:

    Hey Matt, Babs actually mentioned that in his May 23rd presser:

    "They're (training staff) hoping they can get him (Datsyuk) in his boot and get him going."

    Should have just made him keep his skate on after Game 2 :)

    • Matt Saler says:

      Thanks, John. Not sure how I missed that interesting bit of information. I vaguely recall a broken bone being missed because of swelling in the past couple years. Still clinging to hope that there's no break in this case, though.

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