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That was just the kind of game the Wings needed.

Things looked bleak in the first minute with the quick Perry goal, but it worked to snap Detroit awake and they didn’t really look back. They didn’t control every minute of the game, but they did enough to make those three goals feel more like anomalies than the Ducks getting back into it. 

This series isn’t over, but it took a turn in the Wings’ direction with this win tonight. 

Two more things. First, the line switch-up paid off bigtime. Not strictly a genius move by Babcock, who probably waited too long to do it, but better late than never. The shortage of centers with Draper out doesn’t excuse stubbornness. 

Second, I was shocked at the Ducks’ lack of thuggery tonight. Despite all their talk about Holmstrom, they didn’t make him, or anyone else, a special target. It was a relief, but if things don’t go their way Sunday, they may not be so docile. 

More tomorrow.

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  1. Ryan says:

    The last two games really demonstrate my attitude towards hockey.  The Wings didn't get inside chances this game, they didn't get any rebound chances, and for the most part, they didn't even get traffic.  But they did get a bunch of shots, and guess what?  Some of them went in.  That's just how hockey goes.  Last game they got even more shots, and only one of them went in.  That's just how it goes.


    Hossa got two goals, but he didn't play a standout game at all.  Two of his shots just went in.  One was a miss by Hiller, the other had a bit of traffic and looked like it went off a Duck defencemen.  I thought Franzen was better, but even his two goals were largely undeserved.  One was a total flub by Hiller, and the other was a a sweet deflection that misses the net about 4 out of 5 times.  Exactly the same with Samuelsson's goal–he takes that shot every time in that situation, and if he hits the top corner like that, it goes in every time.  But he only hits that corner, maybe, one in ten times.  Every shot's a chance to score, no matter where it's from on the ice.  You can better your odds by getting traffic and stuff like that, but no matter what else you do, it all starts with getting shots.  And nobody does that better than the Wings.


    Overall, nobody really had a great game to my eyes.  As a team, the Wings were better in game 3.  The TSN guys were speculating about a Getzlaf injury in the second period when he went into the boards with Filppula and possibly twisted his ankle, but I almost wonder if Carlyle was just resting Getzlaf (and Hiller) in a game that looked like a lost cause.  They need both those guys to be outstanding if they want to win the series, and both looked tired today.

  2. scapegote says:

    I'm glad they finally put up a big number on hiller, I was starting to get annoyed with all the comparisions between him and Giguere. I watched every minute of that series and he's been nothing like him, at all. Giguere that year stole every game with save after save after save. There was no stifling defense from the ducks or lack of offense from the Wings, the Wings dominated the whole series and got swept. Because of Giguere. I hope I never have to live through anything like that again. I have hockey-fans version of PTSD I think.

    Just looked it up 171 shots and allowed 6 goals.

  3. Jason says:

    I should have used my Wings-win-by-two prediction tonight, rather than last game! ah well, they had to have this one and they got it, and I think they did a much better job of making the Ducks pay for their mistakes this game, especially on the PP–and as expected, the Ducks crumbled–you could see it in their faces, after every whistle, instead of trying to muck it up with the Wings, they just skated head down to their bench, and even when they did try to muck it up, it was either half-assed or just plain stupid (Beauchemin, picking that fight with Kopecky when the Ducks were already missing one key D-man sort of epitomizes that). I was actually flummoxed when Anaheim didn't engage in ANY "message sending" after the final horn. The only things I come away not liking about this game was Datsyuk still unable to find his offense, the two turnovers that led to goals (by Hank and Nicky Lids of all people!) and that late PP goal the Ducks scored in all of about five seconds–it turned out to be moot, but it did let the Ducks back into the game, and Detroit should have had a better effort on that kill. (Hank had a tough night I guess, because if I remember, that goal happened largely because he was too aggressive and dove for the puck or something and took himself out of the play). But in a way it's nice when your team scores 6, wins by 3, and still has so much room to improve. Let's hope they continue to ramp it up on Sunday at the Joe, and set the Ducks up for a very satisfying, long-awaited kill in Game Six.

  4. Keith says:

    I knew once we "broke" Hiller with a bad goal he'd leak a couple more in. I thought the worst thing they could do was pull him bcause now he's questioning every move he makes. I bet game 5 he'll sit back a lot more and play it safe.


    I felt all series that Samuelsson's shot would of hit the post and gone out and finally last night we got the breaks that the Ducks have gotten all series.


    In reality we should probabbly have won that game 3-0. The bad line change shouldn't of happened and the second goal allowed by Ozzie was just terrible. It looks like the Ducks are shooting at Ozzie's blocker. He seems to automatically pull the blocker into his body, even when the shot goes to that side. Franzen's second goal was amazing and Hossa's on the PP was put where it needed to go. And then Samuelsson's wrist shot was unstopable. I liked the Wings trying to get Datsyuk a goal on the PP at the end there but I felt that they sat back way too early and were terrible on the PK goal.

    For the fun of it I counted the number of should be penalties the refs missed against the Wings. Now these aren't the petty little holds we've seen every shift and about half of these would be called with good refs. So here is my list.

    1st Period

    Trip on Franzen @ 11– announcers acknowledged this one

    Cross-Check (never call it) on Holmstrom @ 6

    Hold on Datsyuk by S. Nedemyer @ 2

    2nd Period

    Interference on Filpula by Whitney @ 16

    Hit fron behind (really cheap) on Zetterberg @ 12 (while on 4-4)

    High-stick (really hit to the head but thats not yet a pen) on Datsyuk by Nedemyer @ 12

    Interference on Franzen by Getzlaf @ 2

    Third Period (sorta quit looking)

    Cross-Check (broke his stick) on Helm


    So 8 missed calls, really 4 PP in a normal series. Not as bad as the other games but still atrocious.




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