Game 4: @ Columbus (3-0)

Short on time today, so this’ll be brief. And jacked up on coffee, so it’s less serious than usual.

Columbus has to stave off elimination tonight with their first ever playoff win in just their second ever playoff homegame. They’re going to be flying. Keys to the game for the Jackets:

Score first. And do it quickly. I’ll leave the specifics up to Rick Nash.

Stay out of the Wings’ bench. A shot at that donkey Commodore, sure, but my larger point is this: don’t be stupid and look for meaningless retribution, which is retribution in any form other than goals.

Let Mason stop the puck. To the Jacket skaters: he’s a good goalie. He doesn’t need you to try to stop shots for him. You’re not good goalies.

I hear they’re shuffling lines again. Good luck with that, Hitch. Demoting Huselius is smart, though.

The Wings can sew this series up with another strong performance. Better to get it done tonight, than have to go home and do it. Keys to the game for Detroit:

Big checks. I don’t actually believe the Jackets will follow the second key above, so the more big hits, the better. Let the Jackets scramble for revenge while wide open Red Wings score goals.

Pay attention. This one is serious: if the Jackets do go headhunting, the Wings need to be careful not to get hurt. Smart plays with the puck, no suicide passes to linemates or looking down at the puck.

Octopi. Not octopus. This is for Wings fans in the crowd, not the team. We need more than one of those things on the ice tonight, please.

No lineup changes for the Wings.

Looking forward to 7.

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  1. John W. says:

    Yes, we need 2 octopi (not octopuses as the Columbus writer wrote LOL). It takes 16 wins for the Cup, so we need 2.

  2. aaron says:

    Why isn't the Wings-Jackets game on Versus tonight? They insist on putting the Flyers-Pitt game on. I don't understand this because the Wings won the cup and beat Pitt. Just doesn't make any sense. Maybe more larger and interested markets than Detroit and Columbus. You win the Stanley Cup and you get blacked-out???

  3. John W. says:

    Three words: Bettman hearts Crosby

  4. Eric says:

    You gotta have rocks in your head to rely on Chris Osgood. Allows 4 goals in the 2nd? What Stanley Cup did management have in mind by using this guy? Must be last year's.

  5. Matt Saler says:

    I thought you might show up, "Eric." Obviously you're too blind to notice Osgood's obviously injured.

  6. Eric says:

    Then why the hell did that genius coach start him? You don't win Stanley Cups winning 6-5 shootouts and especially against lesser clubs like Columbus. Do yourself a favor and learn the history of playoff hockey.

  7. Matt Saler says:

    He started him because he was fine until the second period, and had been well-nigh unbeatable in three games. Who would you have started? Jordan Pearce? Jim Bedard? The Belle Tire Man? Would anything satisfy you?

    Don't talk to me about learning the history of playoff hockey, bud. Crazier things than 6-5 wins have happened on the run to the Cup. I cannot believe you're spewing this crap after a win. I'd expect it after a loss because you apparently believe the Wings suck if they're anything less than 82-0-0 and 16-0 and allow anything more than 0 goals over that span.

    For all your idiotic rants, the Wings have still advanced to the second round, which is more than you expected, surely.

    Do us all a favor and go back to whatever hole fans like you come from. Your brand of fanship makes me sick.

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