12/15 Notes

Real quick:

… Dominik Hasek stole one for the Wings last night: 29 saves, many of which were big time stops.

… Pavel Datsyuk’s pass to Henrik Zetterberg for the first goal was amazing. I had just started yelling at Mikael Samuelsson for turning over the puck at center when Pavel stole it right back and beat two defensemen as he made that behind the back pass to a wide open Zetterberg. I forgot all about the turnover.

Samuelsson’s goal later in the game was a sniper’s goal. Keep that up and you can be our canon, Sammy.

… Tomas Kopecky has a broken collar bone after going into the boards shoulder first on a rush in the third period. I only saw the replay once but it looked bad enough. He’ll be out for 10-12 weeks. Since the Wings can just insert Jiri Hudler into the lineup, they don’t need to call anyone up, though they might anyway, just in case.

… Derek Meech has been sent back to GR since Niklas Kronwall has finally been cleared to play.

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  1. BDH says:

    Anyone else catch the Blackhawks broadcast (center ice package) and feel like screaming at Ed Olczyk to SHUT THE F up about Hasek dropping his stick so much? I thought he did a great job of brining up the point that it could be viewed as infraction worth 2 minutes, but then he just went on and on and on… we get it!

  2. Matt Saler says:

    I didn't hear that, no, since I was watching the Wings' broadcast.

    That's only a penalty if Hasek throws it at the puck and he doesn't do that. He just a much looser grip on the thing than most goalies and prefers to have his blocker hand free of it, for whatever reason.

    I'd much rather he hold on to it, personally.

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