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Bootland sent back to Grand Rapids

It’s bad news for the lady fans in Detroit but good news for Darryl’s large female fanclub in GR, as long as he clears waivers. Booter may have literally fought his way out of a roster spot, because the Wings could obviously use a physical presence. However, they don’t necessarily need a fighter in today’s NHL.

Update (5:49 AM): Um, I see now that Bootland did, in fact, clear waivers, in case you were worried.

Update (3:53 PM): Joe Conklin of The Grand Rapids Press has more on Bootland here.


Bob McKenzie: Johnson may retire

“Sources say Johnson may soon have to announce his retirement, but he is seeking secondary medical opinions to be sure.”

I don’t see how any doctor could clear him to play if another told him he couldn’t. I’ve been skeptical of the whole Johnson deal all along but in reality, he would have been helpful to have (I’m still not convinced he was the best acquistion the Wings could have made but anyway…) so it’s a shame they would have his servises. The good news, though, is that his condition was noticed before another Fischer-like incident took place.

Update (7:56 PM): According to Ansar Khan, Johnson didn’t just go to any old Detroit heart clinic. It was the Mayo Clinic that didn’t clear him. Good luck finding a contrary opinion, Greg.

Khan also has more on the forwards situation so his blog post is worth a read.


AP: Wings to name new captain at opener

I highly doubt the final decision will come as much of a surprise. It really doesn’t seem likely that it would be anyone other than Lidstrom.

Also, the season begins two weeks from today so regular posting will be coming soon. Expect a season preview in the week leading up to the opener on October 5th.