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Heatley accident

I can’t believe what just happened to the Atlanta Thrashers. Dany Heatley wrecked his Ferrari and teammate Dan Snyder was seriously injured in the crash. Heatley suffered many broken bones but none of his injuries are life-threatening. However, Snyder is in a coma and remains in critical condition. Heatley has five charges against him with this crash, including reckless driving, serious injury by vehicle, driving too fast for conditions, driving on the wrong side of the road and striking a fixed object. This means that, even if Heatley recovers quicky, which I really hope he does (as well as Snyder), he could be going to jail for the accident (which he should). So one of the NHL’s great young-guns nhl career is in jepordy. This is unreal. I couldn’t believe it when I read it on, thinking maybe that it was just me and my buzzed mind which had just come from a chemistry exam. But no. Let’s just hope this all works out.

GameDay: vs. Ottawa, 7:30

The Wings will face the Ottawa Senators tonight at the Joe. The game will be televised, after all, so most Wings fans will get their first look at the Wings in 10 days. This is being touted as a possible Stanley Cup Finals preview but it’s unlikely the game will have that sort of atmosphere, since it’s still the pre-season. Dominik Hasek is supposed to play the whole game, Steve Yzerman will play with Devereaux and Williams and Pavel Datsyuk will play in place of Jiri Hudler with Shanahan and Holmstrom. Devereaux is returning to the ice after missing the first 5 games because of a groin strain and is competing with Hudler and Williams, two of the Wings’ preseason best so far, for the last two open spots on the roster.


I haven’t done a very good job of keeping this thing updated lately. I guess it’s because the Wings have seen fit to keep their pre-season games off the air waves. I haven’t been able to watch a game since the 20th because none have been televised or even called over the radio. I’m not greatly impressed with the results of these games but it’s just the exhibition season, I guess. The real thing starts on the 9th and that will be when I’ll really start to update. That is, unless something big happens between now and then. Not very likely, though.

Wings 3, Rangers 5

Here are some comments on the game from someone on an e-mail list I’m a member of:

Just a quick note to give an idea of who was with who in last nights loss to the Rangers, 5-3.

Maltby-Draper- Wilm
Mowers-Kopecky-Picard(not Jean-Luke!!)


Hasek- two periods, Joey MacDonald- third period.

Out-Datsyuk, Hull, Lidstrom, McCarty, Shanahan, Whitney, Woolley.

Sloppy game. Jiri Hudler scored two goals for the Wings and was effective on the ice. One goal was a very nice redirection, right out in front, of a Derek King pass. He looks very small on the ice. Conspicuously so, IMO.
Can’t be any more than 160-165 lbs. Hatcher and Fischer for example tower over him and make him look tooth pick like. Still, he did not look out of place and was excellent with the puck.

Kronwall also looks small to me. Tried to play a physical game somewhat but consistently went out of position to do so. Reminds me of a smaller version of Aaron Ward. I see Nick as GR bound to learn the NHL game. Hudler, I just don’t know. I’m concerned about his size once the real season starts.

Hasek looked rusty to me. Hatcher was very low key on the physical side.

Kopecky and Holmstrom both got drilled by BIG hits by the Rangers.

I definitely agree that Hasek looked rusty. He looked bad on at least two of the Rangers’ goals. I really hope he’ll sharpen up for the season otherwise his return will mean nothing. Hudler looked good but he is really small. The Captain played pretty well, didn’t look too slow. McCarty’s hand is not broken, apparently, it’s just a bruise. Great news. Next game: Boston on Wednesday at home.


Just about 5 minutes until our first taste of the Wings since Game 4 of the playoffs on April 17. It feels like forever. Even though this is just an exhibition game and there won’t be many regulars playing, I’m still excited for the game. There are a lot of things I’ve missed (like Pavel turning someone inside out) and a lot of things I’m going to continue to miss (like Sergei weaving through center). I have high hopes for this season, just like everyone else in Hockeytown. GO WINGS!!!

Wings 2, Caps 5

Not a great game last night. The Wings had mostly minor leaguers in while the Caps had their two top lines so it was pretty lopsided. Ray Whitney and Jamie Rivers scored for the Wings but the Caps were in the lead the whole time. Legace and Lamothe shared the goaltending responsibilities for the Wings. Some bad news, Darren McCarty got into a fight with Rick Berry but left the game afterward to get his hand X-rayed. Not very encouraging. Pre-season injuries can ruin a whole season (just look at what happened to Devereaux last year) and the Wings are going to need McCarty to be on the top of his game this year.

Hopefully the Wings will make a better showing tonight when they face the Rangers at the Joe. Hatcher and Hasek will each make their debuts and maybe we’ll see more veterans out there. The game starts at 7:30 and will be on FSN and 1270. GO WINGS!!!

Yzerman leaves game early

The Captain left early in the third period of the Red/White game (2-1 Red Team) after experiencing pain in his knee. Lewis said “Steve felt a little sore and he didn’t want to push it. He felt really good the whole camp. It’s just one of those things. It could happen to anybody.” The pain was not contact related. That worries me because I’d expect contact to cause pain but when it’s just skating that causes pain, it’s not good. Things had been going well up to then. Hopefully he’ll be okay. He will not play tonight against the Caps (not televised or on the radio) but might play tomorrow against the Rangers.