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Grigorenko may attend training camp

As I’m sure you all remember, Igor Grigorenko, probably the Wings’ top prospect, was seriously hurt in a car accident on May 16 in Russia. He is reportedly recovering well in his home town of Togliatti but the Wings want to bring him to the States to check on his condition themselves. They have talked with his agent and gotten all the paperwork done in hopes of bringing him over for a couple weeks. Ken Holland said the visit would “not to be on the ice, but just to be here, to have our doctors look at him, to have him meet some of the guys and watch some exhibition games or scrimmages and see what the NHL is all about.” Igor needs a travel visa before anything can happen though. More from Ken Holland: “He’s at a time right now where he can train, though not really on skates. He’s training, he’s working out. My understanding is he’s doing pretty well. But what does ‘pretty well’ mean? That’s why I want to get him here.” From what I’ve heard, Igor can walk but he has a limp. No surprise there.

Details and Corrections

Looks like I should have waited until more of the facts came out. I guess I should have known that any newspaper that employs Al Strachan can’t be entirely reliable.

The news about Curtis Joseph is not as bad as it seemed before. The surgery was to remove a bone chip in his ankle, which was not broken. He will apparently be out just six weeks, not four to five months as I previously reported. That puts his return at just before the start of the regular season, meaning he’ll miss training camp. The Wings still think they can get a trade done because Joseph will be back so soon but it sure doesn’t help them make a deal. Ken Holland said today “If somebody calls me today and offers what I think is fair for Curtis Joseph, and it’s a situation that is good for Curtis Joseph, then I’d make the deal today. That hasn’t happened yet. There has been a lot of interest in him, but there hasn’t been enough there to get a deal done yet.” Apparently, some of that interest has come from the New York Rangers and the Atlanta Thrashers (yeah right!). We already knew about the Bruins. Hopefully they’ll stay interested.

I really appreciate Joseph waiting until now to get this done. He obviously has had this for a while, why does he suddenly get it done now? Pretty convenient for him, I think.

CuJo has surgery

According to the Toronto Sun, Curtis Joseph underwent surgery yesterday in a Clevland hospital to repair an injured ankle. The expected recovery time is four or five months, meaning he’ll be back in January at the earliest and making it just about impossible to trade him anywhere for anything. There aren’t many details yet, it isn’t known which ankle it is and how he got it. I’m not even sure what kind of injury it is. I’m guessing it’s a broken ankle but it could be something else. This truly is terrible news for Ken Holland. I feel really sorry for that guy. His job gets harder every day. Now the Wings pretty much have to pay two goalie $8 million goalies for at least a few months. It was hard enough to trade Joseph before he had this happen. The Wings still need a center but it looks like they won’t get one. They can’t really spend the money on a free agent any more and they can’t make a trade. Thanks, Joseph.

CuJo won’t object

Curtis Joseph’s agent told the Boston Globe on Sunday that his client would not automatically object to playing for the Bruins. Joseph had made it pretty clear in the past that he waive his no-trade clause to go to Boston, which has made it harder for Holland to get this goalie situation taken care of. Again, the player most likely to come to Detroit in such a deal would be Martin Lapointe, not my favorite option. The Bruins GM is supposed to contact Holland later this week to get a deal done. I really hope some other player ends up becoming a Red Wing if a deal does happen with the Bruins but I’m probably hoping in vain.

CuJo to Boston?

The amazingly rumor-reliable people at the Toronto Sun say the Wings and Bruins are “close” to a deal involving Curtis Joseph. They see Detroit getting former Wing Martin Lapointe in return, straight up. I hope not! They have to get somehing besides Lapointe, at least. Martin was a decent player in Detroit but is grossly overpaid now. He might play better back on the Wings but they need a center still if they trade Joseph for him. Some people are saying that the Wings will just sign Oates. But it looks like he might be retire and he wouldn’t be the answer anyway. He’s too old and he left the Wings for a reason back in the early 90’s. I don’t know exacly why but I’ve heard it’s because he and The Captain don’t get along too well. I would much rather see Brian Rolston or even Sergei Samsonov in return for Joseph though Lapointe could be a risk worth taking. Not by himself, however. Add another player to that deal, Bruins GM and we’ll see.

Herb Brooks killed

Herb Brooks, the coach of the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team, died yesterday when he lost control of his van on the interstate north of the Twin Cities. The van rolled and threw Brooks, who wasn’t wearing a seat belt, about 35 meters away. He was 66. He was on his way to the airport for a flight to Chicago. Another great loss for the hockey world. Two of the greatest coaches have already died this year, Roger Neilson and now Herb Brooks. To read more about him, click here.