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Wings sign Jamie Rivers

In another deal, albeit minor, the Wings have reached a one-year deal with journeyman defenseman Jamie Rivers, 28, who has played 340 games with the St. Louis Blues, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers.

Height 6-0
Weight 197
Shoots Left
Born March 15, 1975
Ottawa, ON, CAN

His career totals are 13 goals, 36 assists, 270 PIM. I’m not so sure about this guy….

Wings sign Ray Whitney

Sportsnet is reporting that the Wings have signed forward Ray Whitney for a bargain deal of 4 years, $13 million. He had 24 goals, 52 assists last season for Columbus. I am pretty happy about this deal, but part of me thinks that a guy like this could end up being a Wendel Clark (knock on wood he isn’t!!). Clark had similar numbers for the Lightning when we picked him up and it turned out that he just couldn’t adjust to less ice time and a diminished role. Ray’s had success when he’s the top dog, but I wonder if he can adapt to being a 3rd liner, which he will have to accept. I wouldn’t expect those kind of points out of him next season, but I hope he will become a top contributer. I’m just wondering who his linemates will be…

Vyacheslav Kozlov signs with Atlanta

Normally I wouldn’t be posting about an ex-Wing years from his last skate with the Winged -wheel, but this was interesting to me. If you remember, Kozlov was traded to Buffalo for Hasek in his first stint with the Wings. There, Kozlov struggled and ultimately tore his Achilles Tendon. This is not any ordinary muscle tear, and some doctors feared he would be unable to play again. He came back, and found his way to Atlanta. Last season, he had great success with 70 points, 49 assists and 21 goals. We traded Kozlov mainly because he was inconsistent and his tendency to play well in the playoffs was becoming more of a legend than a reality in his later seasons with the Wings. I am happy to know that Kozlov has found his game and come back from a very serious injury. Way to go Kozzie!!!!!!

Hasek Situation

Hold your horses Mr. Holland!!!! Trading CuJo might be a bad idea with news that criminal assault charges may be brought against Dom after an incident in an inline hockey game. He apparently cross-checked a player across the back and sat on him and repeatedly hit him with his stick. (Hasek played as a forward in the league) Even if Hasek wants to play and is ready, if these charges come through and he has to be in court, then we need to keep CuJo. I am really mad at Hasek. He muddies up our goalie situation by coming back as a big fat question mark, and we basically had no choice but to sign him else he could end up in Denver. Then he brings in his baggage the possibility of criminal charges. It really has to be hard to be Kenny Holland right now, because he wants a center but knows that trading CuJo could fulfill that hole. But then again this recent news brings question to even trading Curtis. And his inaction while waiting for things to clear up for Hasek may mean losing some trading possibilities or free agents. What a headache!!!

Luc officially gone; Modano’s Cup ring on E-bay

Unlucky Luc has signed a one-year contract with the LA Kings to make for his third stint there. Look for dozens of points from this once-been whose only boasting point is being the highest scoring left winger in NHL history. I tip my hat to Luc, as I also cheer in relief that he’s gone–but that’s not right, since he was also gone the two seasons we had him, oops.

Of all things, when Modano had a copy made of his 1999 Stanley Cup ring, it showed up on e-bay after the jewler showed Mikey the fine print that allowed for him to sell it. The ring has been taken off the internet marketplace and now is safe with Modano. Apparently, some bids were as high as $20,000 dollars before the Dallas Stars and Modano became aware of the situation. I still say that Hull’s “goal” was not abiding by the old crease rule, and Hasek should be given that Cup ring!!!! Maybe those high bids are coming from him!!!

ESPN: Yzerman signs is reporting that Steve Yzerman has agreed to that one year deal I already mentioned. Again, it has a base salary of $6 million and around $2 million of incentives. This will be his 21st season as a Red Wings. This is great news, if it is true. The Wings need The Captain back at least one more year. Now Holland needs to get Joseph traded and another center to the team.