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Wings Update
Red Wings legend Gordie Howe has been hospitalized in a Detroit area hospital. Apparently, he went there himself because he was experiencing chest pains at home. He underwent testing in the cardiac care unit and the Howe family hopes to have the results today. WDIV-TV said Gordie stayed over night and that doctors were concerned because he had an irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure but didn’t attribute the information. Howe is 75 years old. Good luck, Mr. Howe. Our prayers are with you.

Tonight’s Game
New Jersey @ Anaheim, 8 ET, Devils lead series 2-0.

This game can either be the turning point of the series or the point of no return for the Ducks. If the Ducks win tonight, they might get some momentum going and have a chance to win the series, one game at a time. If they lose, they will have no momentum except downward momentum and the Devils will sweep. Very important game. Hopefully the Anaheim crowd will be very supportive tonight because the Ducks will need every bit of motivation they can get. The Ducks are going to need the luck and discipline they’ve had in the past three rounds and they will have to work their butts off. GO DUCKS!


Check out this article by Al Strachan. It’s about all the B.S. Gary Bettman spews about the league’s condition today. Like this quote: “The fact that 73% of the time, our games are played within one goal or tied, tells you there is a level of excitement and commitment.” Uh, yeah, Mr. Bettman. Very exciting. I love watching games that take place in the neutral zone and where the only goal that happened the puck was cleared by a defenseman, took a wacky bounce off a divider in the glass, right to his partner’s skate, between the unsuspecting goalie’s legs and into the net. Total fluke goals are so exciting, especially when they happen once or twice a game and are the only goals scored. I have to wait on the edge of my seat for the next freak accident or defensive brain fart so that I can see a goal that boggles the mind in it’s apparent impossibility.

Another quote from Bettman: “Scoring by defencemen increased by nearly 100 points from a year ago” YES! Defenseman scoring is UP! WOO HOO! That means they’re scoring more with deflections off all the other 9 skaters’ rear ends/skates/sticks/faces. It sure is exciting to see the puck bouncing around that crowd in front of the net. The look on the goalie’s face as the puck he never saw comes back out of the net is great. Really hilarious.

Yet another quote: “I think it’s clear there is more room in the neutral zone. If you watch the team with the puck speeding through the neutral zone, the players for the most part are getting in to forecheck, getting in to make plays.” I think Al Strachan has the best comeback for this one: “If Bettman sees ‘the team with the puck speeding through the neutral zone,’ he should check his television. Someone switched the channel to ESPN Classic when he wasn’t looking. These days, the only time the puck goes speeding through the neutral zone is when the linesman carries it back for another faceoff after an icing.” Very, very true, Mr. Strachan.

It is obvious to me, as it has been for a few years now, that Gary Bettman is totally incompetant and very much oblivious to the real needs of the league he is in charge of. I think it’s a shame the NHL is run by such a moron and I really hate to see it sink further and further. Hopefully, Scotty Bowman will soon become comissioner because Bettman is ruining the league. Obviously, I know Bowman most likely will not become comissioner but I can hope, can’t I? Maybe Brett Hull….


Playoff Update
I’m getting sick of this. Not one of the teams I have wanted to win has done well this postseason, with the exception of the Wild in Round 1 and Ducks until now. The Ducks lost again last night, were shut out again last night, and the cursed, trapping, boring Devils won again last night. I hate the Devils. I do not want them to win the Cup. I’d rather have the Avs win it. UGH. JS, it was probably a mistake to go on Leno. You haven’t proved anything yet. It’s time to prove something now. The Ducks are going to need to win this series one game at a time, if they are going to win it at all. It’s going to be very tough and probably won’t happen but I think the Ducks at least owe their fans a win tomorrow in Game 3. They really shouldn’t let the Devils dominate them so much. They’ve beaten better teams already this postseason and just have to do what they’ve done the last 3 rounds. Come on Ducks, get it together!


Wings Update
Igor Grigorenko’s condition has improved significantly, according to Interfax. He was taken off a respirator and was fully conscious as of today. His condition is still serious, however. Come on Igor2 (yeah, Igor2. The Professer is still on the team), get well soon!

Sergei Fedorov’s agent talked to Holland again for about 30 minutes and didn’t get anywhere. Read the blurb in the DetNews here.

Tonight’s Game
Ducks @ New Jersey, 8 ET, Devils lead series 1-0. Go Ducks! Go JS!


Wings Update
Patrick Roy really did retire. It wasn’t just a cruel trick being played on us all. While I strongly dislike (read: hate) St. Patrick, it is a sad day for hockey. He is a great goalie and made victories over him that much sweeter and losses to him that much easier to bear because of his greatness. I’m [not] sorry to see you go, Mr. Roy. Hockey won’t be the same without you. Neither will the Avs….. (*snicker snicker*) Thank you Roy for your greatest gift to the Wings since the last Statue of Liberty: the Western Conference. Mr. Lacroix, better get on the phone real quick and call the Flyers….. UPDATE 9:15 pm: (thanks for the tip, Lisa. I was too dumb to check myself) The Flyers have traded Chechmanek to the Kings for a second-round choice in the 2004 NHL draft. Now Felix Potvin will be available on July 1. Maybe the Avs can sign him. HA HA.

Darren McCarty has been given the NHL Foundation Player Award for his community service. Great job, Mac! Congratulations.

The Wings have released their exhibition schedule for next year.

Around the League
A quote from this article:
There has been no movement by the NHL Players' Association to begin negotiations on a new labor contract to replace that which expires in September 2004. Union chief Bob Goodenow already has warned some players the labor impasse could be a long one, perhaps longer than a full season.

Goodenow has indicated the union is not willing to accept a hard salary cap that would control salaries. Bettman emphasized again Tuesday that owners need a way to contain salaries that now cost owners 75 percent of their revenue.

"We all know the problems," Bettman said. "And I know how to fix them."

Soft salary cap, soft salary cap, soft salary cap…….

Check this article out. Mr. Cox knows what he’s talking about, in this case anyway. I think he’s the one who wrote that xenophobic article on Zetterberg a few weeks ago. I think it’s time for the league to get a new comissioner. Mr. Bowman?

Playoff Update
Well, I was totally wrong about a couple things. First, the Devils won. While I didn’t think the Ducks would sweep, I didn’t think that New Jersey would out score them 3-0. Second, I was wrong that the games would be boring and slow paced. Last night’s game, from what I saw, was pretty quick, up-and-down the ice hockey. I guess that 10 day break must have been too long for the Ducks. Well, hopefully the Ducks will get it together tomorrow in New Jersey again @ 8 ET. I really really really do not want the Devils to win another Cup.